Metal Barn Prices

Whether you spend your time working on the farm or you’re simply an equine enthusiast, you’ve probably given serious consideration to buying a metal barn. These buildings are a fantastic, cost-effective solution for housing feed, storing livestock, or stabling horses. They can be built in a fraction of the time it takes to build a stick-built structure, and they’re made to last far longer.

But faster construction time and longevity are only just a few of the wide range of benefits these buildings offer. They’re also incredibly strong and are versatile enough to fit in almost any application. It doesn’t matter whether you need a simple equipment shed or a large equestrian stable; these prefab metal barns have you covered.

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The Price of Your Metal barns & What Affects it

Metal barns truly are one of the most affordable structures on the market, but their prices do tend to fluctuate based on several factors. Some of these include:

  • Dimensions

    Obviously, a larger building will require more steel, therefore increasing the final price. But beyond that, larger buildings will need additional reinforcements to remain as strong against the elements. These reinforcements may affect the final price tag of your prefab metal barn.

  • Customizations and Add-ons

    We’re proud to offer buildings with a wide variety of customization options, but these additions add to the final cost.

    1. Colors : There are a wide variety of colors available to you, allowing you to design a building that’s not only functions well but looks good doing it!
    2. Gauges : Depending on where you live, your metal barn may need additional reinforcements or thicker gauge framing and paneling to withstand heavy winds and rain.
    3. Windows and doors : No building is complete without windows and doors! Add as many as you need. We have numerous size options, from standard-sized doors to large garage doors. You can even have your building framed out for larger barn doors!
  • Location

    The geographic location of your installation site will affect the final price of your building. Areas that are difficult for our install teams to reach will incur additional costs.

  • Dealer or Manufacturer Pricing

    We pride ourselves on covering the majority of the United States. To achieve this, we use an extensive network of dealers and manufacturers. As a result, some of these dealers may have variations in the final cost.

Types of Metal Barns that are Available

When it comes to metal barns, there are plenty of different types that serve many functions. These buildings may be built from the same steel, but they aren’t always created equal.

Horse Barn

A horse barn is a type of structure designed to comfortably house several horses. It’s a fantastic way to offer your favorite animals a comfortable place to get out of the sun or snow.

Raised Center Barn

A raised center barn is a design that incorporates the looks of a traditional wooden-style barn with the ingenuity of modern design. These structures are extremely popular with farmers and horse lovers.

Continuous Roof Barn

A continuous roof barn is a more modern-style building with a constant, unbroken roofline that rises higher in peak than other barns. This style is excellent for those that are seeking a sleeker contemporary look for their property.

Why You Should Buy a Metal Barn from AA Metal Buildings

No matter where in the United States you call home, AA Metal Buildings is dedicated to being your one-stop-shop for anything and everything metal barns. From smaller horse stables to enormous agricultural facilities, we have the skill and experience to deliver a superior product that will save you money and last for years. Our buildings are:

  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Made to stand up to nature’s worst
  • Resistant to moisture, rust, mold, mildew, and even fires
  • Engineered to require very little maintenance
  • Highly Customizable

Multiple Applications for Your Metal Barn

One of the best things about our prefab metal barns is their flexibility. They work well no matter the application; whether you need a small stable for your horses or you require a commercial building for your new retail business, these structures are incredibly adaptable. And with a virtually endless array of customization options, you can build your structure to meet your exact needs. Below, we’ve compiled a few popular uses for our metal barns:

  • No Credit Check Residential Storage Buildings

    If you need a strong, reliable, dry place to store your vehicles or valuables, our metal buildings make excellent storage buildings. Easily protect your tools or lawn equipment from harsh UV rays, heavy winds, and rain.

  • No Credit Check Farming or Agriculture

    You’ve probably noticed already, but there’s a strong correlation between metal barns and farming. And this is for a good reason! These buildings are an excellent way to store crops and keep them from spoiling.

  • No Credit Check Greenhouses

    Our metal barns can easily be adapted with transparent side and roofing panels, transforming the steel barn structure into a practical, sturdy greenhouse. Grow your plants and vegetables without worrying about frost or pesky critters destroying your yield!

  • No Credit Check Workshops

    Everyone needs a space of their own to work on personal projects. And there’s no better way of doing this than using a metal barn as a workshop. These structures are naturally fire-resistant, perfect for fire-prone activities like welding and glassblowing.

  • No Credit Check Office Spaces

    These metal barns are so adaptable they can even be finished to make excellent office spaces. Whether you want a smaller home office or a larger commercial space for your business, a metal barn is a cost-efficient way to get the job done.

  • No Credit Check Riding Arenas

    If a larger scale is more your speed, metal buildings like our clear-span structures make perfect riding arenas and training compounds. These buildings offer immense square footage without the need for internal support beams.

Interesting Facts about Metal Barns

We’ve spoken at length about the many advantages of choosing steel for your next barn or building, but let’s take a look at a few exciting features you can expect from our products.

  1. Our steel barns are rated to withstand the elements in most of the US.
  2. Some metal barns can be built without the need for internal structural supports.
  3. Metal barns can be insulated to deter the buildup of humidity.
  4. Metal buildings can withstand fires and temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Steel is pest-resistant, keeping your building free of pesky insects and rodents.

Why Steel is the Preferred Choice Compared to Wooden Barns

Some folks think of old wooden structures when they hear the word “barn,” but not us! To us, the word barn conjures images of cold hard, galvanized steel that’s built to last a lifetime. In truth, wood can’t live up to steel in terms of structural strength, elemental resistances, and longevity. It’s a losing battle every time!

Wooden buildings are incredibly susceptible to moisture damage, mold, mildew, and general decay. These structures require repeat maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Metal barns, however, are none of these things. Wooden buildings are always at risk of damage from violent weather, often succumbing to high winds and heavy snowfall. But our metal barns are rated to stand up to the weather no matter where in the US you call home!

Metal Barn Kits Pricing

If construction is in your blood and you can’t get enough DIY in your life, our premium metal barn kits are an excellent solution. These buildings come complete with everything you’d find in our traditional metal barns, except you install it yourself. With these buildings, you’ll save time, money, and the hassle of scheduling the installation crew.

These metal barn kits also fluctuate in price based on many factors such as raw steel costs, shipping rates, dealer location, and customization options. You’ll want to talk to our expert building specialists to help design and quote the metal building you’ve always wanted.

Buy Metal Barns at Affordable Prices from AA Metal Buildings

No matter where you hang your hat, AA Metal Buildings wants to be the US’ one-stop-shop for all things metal barns. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a smaller horse barn or a large training arena; AA Metal Buildings can make it happen. We are proud to offer superior metal buildings at affordable prices. These structures will save you money before, during, and long after construction. Don’t believe me? Give us a call!

And for those operating on a budget, we’re happy to provide affordable rent-to-own packages and financing options. Our staff will be happy to help you design and finance a custom metal building that will serve you well for generations.

Steel prices are on the rise, so don’t hesitate! Give us a call today at +1 (877) 244-4470 to design, customize, and order your new metal barn or steel building!