Agricultural Building Industry

In the past, most barns and farm buildings were built from wood. It was quick and effective, and plenty of it was lying around for rural farms to use. But in recent years, lumber prices have skyrocketed, making almost any construction project prohibitively expensive. As a result, many people turned to steel structures to get the job done.

And now, metal buildings are powered by precise engineering and cutting-edge technology, making them some of the most versatile structures on the market. These days, they can be custom-designed for any footprint and to take on any task. They can also be built in a fraction of the time and cost compared to similar-sized wooden structures.


The Many Types of Agricultural Buildings

It might not surprise you if you’ve ever spent time on a farm, but agricultural buildings are used for far more than just barns. In fact, you’ll find them used for many different applications, so let’s take a quick look at just some of the types of agriculture buildings we offer!

  • Metal Barns

    Metal Barns

    The tried and true use for an agricultural building – barns have been a staple of farms for hundreds of years. The only difference is now it’s far more cost-effective to build one out of steel than lumber. It’ll last longer, too.

  • Horse Barns

    Horse Barns

    If you're an equine enthusiast, you already know that boarding is one of the most expensive aspects of owning a horse. But not anymore! Steel buildings are a fantastic way to keep your animals safe, comfortable, and ready to ride all year.

  • Raised Center Style Barns

    Raised Center Style Barns

    A raised center barn is much like many traditional barns, except that the center portion of the structure rises higher than the lower roof faces. This design offers a great amount of additional space over other barn types due to the extra roof height in the center. This section is often used for lofts and storage space.

  • Storage Buildings

    Storage Buildings

    Working on a farm requires tons of heavy equipment. From hand-held tools to enormous industrial-sized tractors, these items must be stored away from the elements. Additionally, prefab metal buildings are some of the only structures capable of offering the necessary square footage to house combines, harvesters, and other large-scale equipment.

  • Riding Arenas

    Riding Arenas

    Some metal buildings, like those built using clear span engineering, can be created at enormous dimensions with no need for internal supports. These clever feats of engineering make these structure types perfect for larger riding arenas and training facilities.

  • Metal Sheds

    Metal Sheds

    Even the smaller tools need a storage place! These versatile buildings are just as valuable on a smaller scale, making excellent equipment sheds and storage buildings.

  • Traditional Barns

    Traditional Barns

    If you’ve ever taken a Sunday stroll through the countryside, you’ve seen them dotting the landscape. A traditional barn is one often made from wood framing and lumber planks. Now made of steel rather than wood, these barns are a classic, inseparable part of the American tapestry and aren’t showing any signs of waning in popularity.

  • Red Barns

    Red Barns

    While sometimes categorized on their own, almost any type of barn above can be considered a red barn if it’s been painted that color. Years ago, paint wasn’t as readily available. And if it was, it was obstructively expensive. Therefore, many farmers would mix rust shavings with their cow’s milk to produce a reddish wash. This wash was then used as paint, giving many barns a dark, reddish hue. Today, however, this color scheme has become a stylistic choice that’s incredibly popular in rural areas.

Agricultural Building Roof Styles

When you purchase a prefab metal building for your agricultural project, you’ll have several roofing types available to you. These roofing styles vary in aesthetic and price and will play a significant role in how your structure handles the elements.

Regular Roof Barn
Regular Roof Barn

A regular roof is your typical ‘carport’ style roof, with rounded corners and horizontally placed paneling. It’s an economical option that works great for a more modern aesthetic. It's also designed to handle mild climates with minimal wind and rainfall.

A-Frame Horizontal Roof Barn
A-Frame Horizontal Roof Barn

An A-frame roof, also known as a boxed-eave design, features a more traditional 'home-like' look, with overhanging awnings, a sharp roof peak, and horizontal paneling. It's a great mid-tier option designed to handle high winds but minimal rainfall.

Vertical Roof Barn
Vertical Roof Barn

A vertical roof is our premium roofing type that combines the best aspects of the A-frame design with vertical paneling. The vertical panels allow rain, snow, and debris to easily slide off and away from your structure, keeping it clean longer with little need for regular maintenance.

Continuous Roof Barn
Continuous Roof Barn

A continuous roof looks more like a traditional house, with two roof faces that meet at a peak.

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The Wide Range of Customization Options for Agricultural Buildings

One of the aspects that sets prefab metal structures apart from stick-built construction options is their customizability. Steel buildings are highly customizable, allowing almost every aspect of the structure to be built to serve your needs and requirements. And to give you an idea of just how many customization options are available to you, we’ve detailed just a few of them below:


The need for an agriculture building isn’t cookie cutter! Many projects require custom-sized structures and non-traditional footprints. And that’s where metal buildings shine! These structures can be designed for any need and at any size. From equipment sheds to fully-livable homes, they can do it all!


Roof Style

As we’ve mentioned, there are several roofing styles available to you, including:

  • Regular Roofs : A regular roof features rounded corners and horizontally placed paneling. It’s a great economical choice that’s designed to handle most mild climates with little to no need for reinforcements.
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roofs : An A-frame roof looks more like the roof you’d find on a home, with overhanging awnings, a sharper roof peak, and horizontal paneling. It’s a great mid-level choice that’s best suited for high winds but minimal rainfall.
  • Vertical Roofs : A vertical roof is our most hearty option, with vertically oriented paneling. This design allows debris such as snow, rain, or leaf matter to easily and harmlessly fall away from your building, keeping it in pristine condition longer.


We have a large assortment of colors that give you the power to make your structure look exactly how you want it. And if you prefer a more subtle approach, you can change the color of your trim, roofing, and even wainscoting!

  • Slate Blue
  • Copper
  • Evergreen
  • MC Green
  • Barn Red
  • Crimson Red
  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Galvalume
  • Clay
  • MC Gray
  • Quaker Gray
  • Pewter Gray
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Sandstone
  • Beige
  • White
* Color samples may vary slightly from actual colors.

Doors and Windows

No enclosed structure works without doors and windows! And luckily, you’ll have a wide variety of options to choose from! We have standard entryway doors, larger garage doors, and more. And if you have a custom door in mind, we’ll be happy to measure and design the frame to your specifications!

Doors and Windows

Steel Framing

Traditionally, most residential buildings use 14-gauge steel frames. However, if you live in a region that experiences violent weather patterns, you may want to opt for our thicker, 12-gauge paneling.

  • color-framecolor-frame


While not necessarily a customization option, our installation crews will use one of several types of anchoring systems, depending on your foundation type. For dirt foundations, auger-like anchors are screwed into the soil. For asphalt, spiked stakes are driven through the foundation. And for concrete, our most popular option, we use specially-designed concrete bolts to secure your structure to the foundation.


The certification system is a standardized process that determines whether a structure can handle the wind, snow, and seismic forces in a particular region. Building inspectors require a structure to be certified before issuing a building permit for most localities. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that your building is certified if you expect it to be included in future appraisals.

The Vast Uses for Agricultural Buildings

If you’re new to farming, you’d be surprised at how many ways these structures can be used. But if you’re a storied farmer with years of experience, it’s probably just a Tuesday. Nevertheless, let’s look at some of the tasks these versatile structures take on any given day.

  • Livestock Shelter : Keeping your animals safe, fed, hydrated, and comfortable is a big part of running a successful agricultural operation. Prefab metal buildings are a fantastic choice for livestock shelters, offering the open room, flexibility, and durability your farm requires.
  • Equipment Storage : Tools of any size are an expensive investment. And it pays to take care of them. Leaving tools and equipment out in the elements is a quick way to render them dull, rusted, and useless. But by storing them away from rain, dirt, and UV exposure, they’ll last you for years to come.
  • Farm Vehicles Housing : Maintaining a farm requires vehicles, too! From trucks to flatbeds, cattle trailers, and everything in between, a sturdy prefab metal building is the perfect way to keep them safe.
  • Workshops : If you have a side hustle or an enjoyable hobby, a prefab structure is a great, cost-effective way to give it its own space. Whether you’re a woodworker or a part-time artist, having a dedicated space to practice your craft is a must.
  • Dairy Production : Most dairy farms require large-sized metal buildings to house their dairy production facilities. However, only these structure types offer the open square footage and versatility needed to house large-scale milking equipment.
  • Farmhouses : Believe it or not, steel buildings also make fantastic homes! These buildings can be designed, finished, and transformed into fully-livable spaces. They’re great for farmhouses, rental homes, guest houses, and mother-in-law suites.
  • Tack Houses : Keeping your horses in riding shape takes a ton of prep time and equipment. And having a dedicated tack house for storing and maintaining all your gear is a must.

The Many Benefits of Owning an Agriculture Building

As one could imagine, there is a wide array of advantages to using a prefab metal building for your agricultural project, including:

  • No Credit Check Protection

    Unlike wooden alternatives prone to rot, pests, and fire damage, steel buildings are engineered to protect your most valuable possessions, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

  • No Credit Check Low Maintenance

    Prefab metal buildings are forged using galvanized steel, making them naturally resistant to moisture infiltration, rust, mold, mildew, pests, and even fires up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, repair and maintenance on these structures are rarely needed, saving you tons of money in repair costs through the years.

  • No Credit Check Affordable

    With lumber prices soaring through the roof, metal structures have become one of the most affordable construction options on the market. They can be installed in a fraction of the time and cost compared to similar wooden structures.

  • No Credit Check Expandable

    Did you know that metal structures are designed with expansion in mind? This makes them especially useful if you should ever need to grow or expand your operation.

  • No Credit Check Fire Protection

    Only steel structures have the capability of resisting temperatures over 1,000 degrees. That’s actually hotter than most fires burn! And while no structure is truly ‘fire-proof,’ you’ll be hard-pressed to find one more capable of withstanding fire damage.

Things to Consider When Buying and Constructing a Steel Farm Building

Purchasing a metal agricultural building is a significant investment! And you want to get the most out of your structure. So, to help you find the right design for you, we’ve put together a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a metal building.


What will your structure be used for? Are you planning a large-scale vehicle storage building for your tractors? Or do you need a livestock building with the tools and functionality to care for animals? How you intend to use your structure will say a lot about what you’ll need.

Future Modifications

Will you plan to expand in the future? Having an idea of how you expect to grow can help you maximize your structure’s potential while minimizing construction-related headaches.


What type of climate will your building need to stand up to? Do you live in a region with a mild climate? Or does your locality regularly see vicious storms? Your building’s durability will matter if you want it to last.

Choose a Build Site

The location of your agricultural building is critical! You’ll want to ensure that it’s constructed on land that is not a down slope or a valley, as this may cause flooding issues. You’ll also need to choose a raised patch of ground and ensure it’s graded and level.

Bigger and Better than Yesteryear: Modern Farmers Require Larger Structures

Most modern farms are no longer your mom-and-pop operations. These days, a great majority of agricultural operations are exponentially larger in scale than their predecessors. As a result, these farmers require structures that can keep up with their needs. This includes enormous warehouse facilities for storing equipment, processing dairy products, and storing crops.

And unfortunately, stick-built structures can’t keep up with steel construction in terms of cost, functionality, durability, or construction time.

DIY Agriculture Buildings

If you have a background in construction and want to take on a building project yourself, you might be interested in our agricultural building kits. These kits come with everything you’d find in a traditional metal building, except you install it yourself.

However, it must be noted that there is a size threshold in terms of what can be constructed on your own. For example, if your building is above a certain size, it will require a more extensive work crew and lift equipment to complete.

For contractors and agricultural professionals, our building kits are a fantastic way to complete an installation yourself while avoiding the hassle of scheduling an install crew.

The Cost of Agriculture Buildings

AA Metal Buildings is proud to offer a wide variety of prefab metal buildings for many different agricultural projects. However, these buildings vary in size and complexity and, as such, may vary in price based on several factors. These factors include:

  • The Price of Steel

    Raw steel is a valuable commodity that fluctuates in price based on demand, shipping costs, and logistical concerns.

  • Customizations

    With AA Metal Buildings, you’ll be able to customize almost every aspect of your structure. However, many of these customizations and reinforcements require additional components and manpower, which will increase the final cost of your building.

  • Manufacturer’s Location

    AA Metal Buildings uses a vast network of building manufacturers to ensure anyone can enjoy our products no matter where they call home. However, some manufacturers may charge slightly different prices for their structures, which will affect your structure’s final cost.

  • Installation

    If your install site is in a location that’s difficult for our crews to reach, it may incur additional costs due to the added manpower.

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