What Makes Continuous Roof Barns Unique?

With so many building types saturating the market, you may wonder how any barn can be truly unique. Well, that’s what we’re here to explain!

These exceptionally popular buildings have several features that make them distinct, none more prominent than the roof. Traditionally composed of three sections, continuous roof barns feature a roof that covers all three sections—hence, the name! This roof style typically sports vertical panels, making it extremely strong and perfect for harsh weather. It also facilitates easier shedding of snow, limiting accumulation.

Built to Fit

What is your intended use for your continuous roof barn building? Whatever it is, your continuous roof barn will easily facilitate it while retaining multi-functional flexibility. It’s what these buildings were designed and engineered to do! With that in mind, check out a few diverse examples of possible applications below!

Boat Storage

Boat Storage

When you’re not sailing the seven seas, you need a suitable place to harbor, maintain, and repair your water vessel. A continuous roof metal barn provides the perfect space to do so.



When the weather turns nasty, you need to be able to protect your livestock from the elements. A continuous roof barn allows you to just that thanks to its expansive space and open, usable space.



Whether it’s for a hobby or a business, using your continuous roof style barn to house your workshop will create an ideal space in which you can maximize your productivity.

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Custom Combinations

Whether you’re changing only one aspect of your building or taking control over nearly every element of it, AA Metal Buildings give you the opportunity to specially-tailor your building to your preferences and needs. Take the following customizable aspects as an example of the incredible changes you can make!


Keeping your building in one place—where you built it—is pretty important. As such, AA Metal Buildings provide you with multiple anchor options to fit the foundation of your building as well as the environment of your geographic location.


Some areas may require that your building be certified in order to meet regulations. Even if your area does not, choosing a certified building gives you numerous structural upgrades that may increase your confidence and improve your building’s inclement weather durability.

Continuous Roof Metal Barn Sizes and Prices


There are many factors that come into play when determining the final price of your continuous roof style barn. Your location will play a role, as will the customizations you make to the design of your building. Perhaps the most obvious factor that influences price is the overall size of your continuous roof barn. While these marvelous buildings start at 36’ by 21’, they can be increased to your specific dimensions.

No matter what the price of your building or your budget, financing options by AA Metal Buildings are here to help. Choose from a financing program or opt for the rent-to-own option depending on your preferences and needs.

How to Place an Order for a Continuous Roof Style Barn

The customization and ordering process provided by AA Metal Buildings is intuitive and streamlined, making it not only painless but enjoyable. If you are more comfortable speaking to an experienced and knowledgeable representative, you can call AA Metal Buildings on +1 (877) 244-4470 and do so.

Once you have placed your order, lead times range from only four to six weeks. In other words, you won’t be waiting long to use your new building!


Financing with AA Metal Building

AA Metal Buildings makes it easy for you to buy your steel building and put it to use quickly.
It offers a financing program and a rent-to-own option, ensuring your building needs to align with your financial situation. If you’re ready to add a metal building to your life, but you’re not quite ready to pay outright for it, no worries. We’re proud to offer financing programs that work for every buyer!

Just apply, get approved instantly, and then work with us to determine ideal, monthly payments. You won’t need to delay getting your metal building!

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Not everyone can claim to be the go-to dealer of metal buildings in the United States, but AA Metal Buildings can. It has earned this reputation by continuously delivering fantastic customer service and exceptional products. If you’re interested in continuous roof barns or are ready to place an order on your own custom barn, give AA Metal Buildings a call today on

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