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SKU: PRD36-122612
36x26 Red Barn Building
Price Starting at: $16,863
(*Price vary by location and are exclusive of sales tax)
  • width

    Width:- 12

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    Length:- 26

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    Height:- 12

Red Barns – Roof Styles for Everyone

Roof Style – As important to structural integrity as it is to appearance, selecting the right roof style for your preferences and needs is one of the most vital decisions you’ll make when designing your building.

  • Regular Roof

    Regular Roof

    Ideal for moderate climates, regular roofs save time and money thanks to their efficient production and easy installation.

  • A-Frame Horizontal Roof

    A-Frame Horizontal Roof

    The more framing, bracing, and eaves, the better, right? A-frame horizontal roofs add all of these elements to the regular roof design, making them stronger and more weather-resistant.

  • Vertical Roof

    Vertical Roof

    Horizontal roof panels are replaced by vertical ones in this design, making the overall structure much stronger and better suited for extreme weather and heavy snow.

Red Barns – A Barnful of Benefits

Traditional red barns would be as iconic and popular as they have been for generations if they weren’t full of benefits. To demonstrate these many advantages, we’ve highlighted a few below. Check them out!

Classic Styling
Classic Styling

Is it possible to talk about red barns without mentioning their endearing styling that is forever enshrined among America’s architectural icons?


Thanks to the unique properties of steel, red barns require little to no maintenance. Red barns are resistant to mildew, mold, and pests, making them among the easiest buildings to maintain.


There is a reason beyond popularity that red barns are so prevalent—they are incredibly durable and stand for decades on end.

Classic Aesthetics, Modern Applications of Red Barns

No matter what your intended use may be, a red steel barn can fulfill it. The limits of what these classic buildings can be used for are boundless, so we’ve listed a few diverse applications below to demonstrate the vast array of possibilities.



Businesses must operate fluidly on multiple levels in order to be successful. A red barn can house many functions under the same roof, making streamlines operations easier to achieve.



This particular application seems obvious given the timeless image of a solitary red barn standing resolutely in a field, but there are many facets to agricultural work. From caring for equipment to storing crops, a red barn can facilitate them all.



Red barns may provide the ultimate photo op, but the residential applications extend far beyond nostalgia. From a custom home workspace to functioning as a guesthouse, the sky is truly the limit.

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Creative Customizations of Red Barns

One of the incredible advantages offered by red metal barns is their ability to be customized almost endlessly. Rather than settling for one-size-fits-all compromises, you can design your red barn to work perfectly for your needs. We’ve listed a few key customizable aspects below.


Choose from several different steel thicknesses for both your frame and sheeting to ensure your red barn is as strong as you need it to be.


Different climates, soils, and locations require different anchors. AA Metal Buildings give you several options to fit your unique circumstances.

Red Barns - Expandable and Affordably Priced


Red barns have a starting price of $4,000 and a starting size of 36’ by 21’. The size can be increased, and as it is, the price will rise. Your physical location and the customizations you make to your traditional red barn will also influence the price.

As part of its comprehensive customer service, AA Metal Buildings offer two financing options—a financing program and a rent-to-own program. The application for both programs is quick and easy, so don’t hesitate to apply!

History, Tradition, and Evolution of Red Barns

Traditional red barns are scattered all across America. Historically, they were constructed of wood and painted with linseed oil. Often, this oil was mixed with rust to protect the barns from the elements. A side effect—it also turned the barns red!

Now, red barns are constructed of far more durable steel and typically painted red as an homage to the timeless structures that hold a sweet spot in America’s heart and history.


Financing with AA Metal Building

AA Metal Buildings makes it easy for you to buy your steel building and put it to use quickly.
It offers a financing program and a rent-to-own option, ensuring your building needs to align with your financial situation. If you’re ready to add a metal building to your life, but you’re not quite ready to pay outright for it, no worries. We’re proud to offer financing programs that work for every buyer!

Just apply, get approved instantly, and then work with us to determine ideal, monthly payments. You won’t need to delay getting your metal building!

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Red Barns from AA Metal Buildings

The best red steel barns in the industry come from AA Metal Buildings. The benefits of buying from AA Metal Buildings extend to its superior customer service, speedy lead times, and more. To have your questions answered or to customize and order your red barn, call our experts today.

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