Metal Building Prices

The cost of a metal building depends on its design, and can cost you around $29,000 to $35,000 for a 32×40 commercial metal building; $16,000 to $25,000 for a 26×55 side entry steel building; and over $40,000 for a 40×50 commercial building. However, our custom steel building prices vary depending on the size, color, location, steel prices, and other customization options.

If you’re looking for a metal building to house your vehicles, form a new business, or store, you’ve come to the right place! Metal buildings are among the most cost-efficient construction methods available on the market. They can be built quickly, efficiently, and more affordably than wooden alternatives. They’re also some of the strongest building types, capable of withstanding extreme weather with ease. But sheer strength and cost-effective design are only a part of what makes these steel buildings such a fantastic investment. Their true strength comes from their versatility. Metal buildings are highly customizable and are a perfect fit for any application. This is why they’re so popular for residential, commercial, and even industrial uses. There truly is no limit to the possibilities with prefab metal buildings, except your budget and your imagination!

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What Affects the Price of Your Metal Building

Steel buildings are one of the most affordable building options for carports, RV covers, garages, and commercial buildings. Despite this, the price for these structures can vary depending on many circumstances.

  • Steel Prices

    The price of steel can fluctuate based on the cost of raw materials, market demand, shipping costs, and even natural disasters that disrupt processing.

  • Location

    The final cost of your metal building may also vary depending on the region where you live. Areas of the US that regularly experience extreme weather will require reinforcements to withstand it.

  • Building Sizes

    The larger the building, the more steel it requires to build. Therefore, larger buildings will inherently cost more than smaller ones.

  • Roof Types

    The roofing system you choose will affect the final cost of your metal building. Premium roofing options, like our vertical roofing styles, are more expensive due to their increased strength and weather resistance capabilities.

  • Customization Options

    You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more customizable construction method than metal buildings. However, these customizations can alter the final price of your structure. Reinforcements, doors, and advanced roofing will all cost more if added to your building.

  • Dealer or Manufacturer

    We offer national coverage, providing you with premium metal buildings no matter where you live. But the price will vary depending on your regional dealer or manufacturer’s prices.

Budgeting your Metal Building with Independent Estimates

Buying a custom metal building is a huge investment! Therefore, it’s essential to take the time to arrange the logistics ahead of time to streamline the installation process. Below, we’ve gathered a list of the most important things to take care of before receiving your new steel structure.


If you intend to permanently anchor your metal building to a foundation like asphalt or concrete, you’ll need to own the land.

Permitting and Fees

Before having your steel building installed, you’ll need to contact your local building officials to determine precisely which permits you’ll need and what fees may apply. Failure to perform this due diligence can result in significant fines and even court-ordered removal of your building.

Excavation and Site Prep

Regardless of which foundation type you choose, your building will need to rest on a level surface. Before the installation day, you’ll want to make certain your site is fully level and that your concrete or asphalt foundation is cured.

Utility Hookups

If you plan to wire your new metal building for electricity, you’ll want to have this part planned out ahead of time.

Finishing Materials

For those that plan to accent or add onto their metal building, purchasing finishing materials such as brick, stucco, or stone will allow you to get right to work once your building is installed.

Foundation Contractor

If you intend to lay a concrete or asphalt foundation, you’ll want to contact a local foundation contractor. They can help you grade and level the building site and install your foundation of choice ahead of your building’s installation.


Types of Available Metal Buildings

There are a lot of different building styles out there! These types of buildings are all made from the same premium steel, yet they are designed to excel in specific uses. These buildings include:

Clear Span Buildings

These structures can be built with little to no need for internal supports, making them an excellent choice for large warehouses, retail establishments, and training facilities.

Commercial Buildings

Did you know that over 80% of all new commercial establishments choose steel buildings as their construction method of choice? These buildings can be built to almost any dimension, offering tons of square footage and easy customization, making them the perfect choice for restaurants, automotive repair shops, and retail stores.

Workshop Buildings

Metal buildings are a fantastic choice for workshops! With endless customizability, these structures can be designed to fit any size or application, from woodworking to welding.

Metal Carports

Vehicles are a significant investment, and it pays to keep them protected from the elements. Every day, UV rays from the sun, heavy winds, rain, and even debris conspire to damage your cars, trucks, and valuables. But metal carports are a great way to protect your most important things from these hazards.

Metal Garages

When you need more than a simple carport, a metal garage is the next step up. Fully enclosed and sized to fit anything you need to store, these structures can be customized with premium windows and garage doors, allowing you to cater your new building to your exact needs.

Metal Barns

Farmers, ranchers, and equine enthusiasts all need a place to house their crops, feed, and animals. Metal barns offer abundant square footage and can easily be adapted for any stalls and doors you might need.

Utility Buildings

Everyone needs a place to store their stuff, and there’s no better way of doing that than with a metal utility building. These structures offer protection from the sun, the weather, water damage, mold, mildew, and much more.

Combo Buildings

Combo buildings offer the best of both worlds: A fully enclosed space and an open, covered section. This allows you to store vehicles indoors or work on them out in the fresh air while remaining safe from the sun or rain.

Metal Sheds

Whether you’re storing equipment or simply need a place to park your new riding lawnmower, metal sheds provide the versatility you need. These buildings are easily customizable and can be built to any size.

Storage Buildings

Long-term storage is a huge need for many people, and whether you’re building a unit for yourself or constructing multiple commercial units, metal buildings are an excellent choice for storage buildings. These structures can be thoroughly customized.

The Benefits of Metal Buildings

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a structure that offers the same level of benefits as a metal building does. We could go on about them for days, but let’s circle around a few of the biggest benefits of owning a metal building.

  • No Credit Check Strength

    Wooden structures simply can’t compete against the strength of galvanized steel. This material combines intense structural stability with flexibility, allowing it to withstand incredible forces like winds, rain, snow, and even seismic activity!

  • No Credit Check Quick, No-Hassle Assembly

    Steel buildings and metal building kits are specifically designed for easy construction. It starts in the manufacturing process, where the parts are all forged and gathered in a neat package for assembly. This allows our installers to quickly and efficiently raise your building with minimal delays or headaches!

  • No Credit Check Durability

    Not only are these buildings strong, but they’re also made to last for decades! Metal buildings are naturally resistant to water damage, rust, mold, mildew, and general decay, allowing them to last for years beyond traditional wooden buildings.

  • No Credit Check Customizations Galore

    Metal buildings offer an extensive level of customization options. You can effortlessly adjust dimensions, colors, reinforcements, windows and doors, and even roofing styles. This wide range of customization gives you the power to design your building your way.

  • No Credit Check Minimal Maintenance

    With resistances to moisture, rust, and mold, steel buildings require very little maintenance throughout its life. You’ll save money each time you don’t have to call a repairman.

Certified Metal Buildings vs. Non-Certified

When buying a new prefab metal building, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. One such option will be whether your building is certified or not. Certification is the process where your structure is professionally designed and rated to stand up to the wind, rain, and snow in your region. Some areas require buildings to be certified before they’ll issue building permits for them.

Other metal structures, however, can be purchased as non-certified options. These buildings have no guarantee of standing up to severe weather and tend to work best in regions that have calmer climates.

Metal Building Kits Prices

If you have a background in construction or simply enjoy a weekend project, you’ll enjoy our premium metal building kits. These kits come with everything you’d find in our traditional custom steel buildings, except you install it yourself! These structures are fantastic for those that don’t have time to schedule an installation.

Depending on how you customize your structure, the final price may vary. These metal building prices will vary based on your building size, reinforcements, color options, windows, doors, trim, and more. Our knowledgeable building experts will be happy to help walk you through the design and quote process!

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