Metal Carports with Storage Can Boost the Value of Your Property: Here’s How

Certified metal buildings are tried-and-true structures that can be designed for a wide variety of purposes. But did you know that it can also increase your property value? Should you ever decide to place your property on the market, a fully-permitted metal building will be included on property appraisals, effectively increasing the worth of your real estate.

Additionally, insurance premiums on structures are typically based on their relative risk. And since steel buildings are far stronger and more resilient than wooden alternatives, their insurance rates tend to be more affordable.



Roof Styles for Carports with Storage Enclosures

When you purchase a carport, metal garage, or barn, you’ll have an extensive array of customization options to choose from. And a big part of that will be your roofing style. These roofing systems vary in aesthetics, price, and capabilities, so choosing the right style for your needs is important.

  • Regular Roofs

    Regular Roofs

    A regular roof is your typical ‘carport’ roof, with horizontally placed paneling. It’s a great, time-tested option that works well for most moderate climates.

  • A-Frame Horizontal Roofs

    A-Frame Horizontal Roofs

    Also known as a boxed-eave roof, this design looks more like the roof you’d find on a traditional home, with overhanging awnings, a sharp roof peak, and horizontally arranged paneling. A-frame roofs are a great mid-tier option designed to handle high winds but minimal rainfall.

  • Vertical Roofs

    Vertical Roofs

    The premium roofing option, vertical roofs, combines the best features of an A-frame with vertically oriented panels. It’s a clever feat of engineering that allows dirt, rain, snow, and general debris to slide harmlessly from your roof, saving you tons of money in roofing repairs.

Different Carports with Storage Options

In the metal building business, there is a wide range of structure types, footprints, and models to choose from. So many that it can be a bit confusing if you’re not familiar with the industry. But not to worry! AA Metal Buildings is dedicated to helping you make sense of the mess! So, below, we’ve put together a list of various carports and how they might work for you.

One-Car Carports with Storage : Also known as a single-car carport, these buildings offer enough space to comfortably protect a single vehicle while retaining extra room for enclosed storage space. It’s an excellent choice for those wanting to protect their cars while keeping cleaning and maintenance tools nearby.

Two-Car Carports with Storage : Sometimes a single car space isn’t quite enough to do the job. For multiple vehicle owners, having a two-car carport and extra storage space is highly beneficial.

Three-Car Carports with Storage : A three-car carport is a superb choice for multi-car families, providing ample room for housing up to three small to medium-sized vehicles comfortably. And the best part? You’ll still have an enclosed space for storing items and valuables!

RV Carports with Storage: Larger recreational vehicles need protection, too! And there’s never been a more cost-effective way of keeping your RV’s in superior condition than with the strength of steel. These incredible buildings can be designed to any width, length, and height while still affording the room you need to keep your maintenance equipment in good condition.

Boat Carports with Storage: They say the two best days of boat ownership are the first and the last. Thankfully, boats, jet skis, and watercraft can be protected from harmful UV rays, rain, heat, and inclement weather. You’ll thank us each time you hit the water!

Motorhome Carports with Extra Storage : Like an RV carport, these steel buildings are a long-lasting way to protect larger vehicles such as tour buses and motorhomes. They offer the size and versatility for a wide range of motorhome sizes and models, ensuring that your investments are protected year-round.

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Customize a Carport Your Way!

One aspect that sets metal buildings apart from the competition is their ability for customization. From the roofing panels to the color of your trim, almost every facet of these structures can be catered to your needs. You’ll easily be able to change the following:




With a wide range of different size options, you’ll be able to find a steel structure that covers your needs while still giving you a bit of extra room.


Roof Styles

With three different roofing systems, you’ll be able to choose between the following:

  • Regular Roofs: Regular roofs are a standard roofing option that is designed to handle most mild climates.
  • A-Frame Roofs : A-frame roofs are stronger and more capable of handling inclement weather than regular roofing options. They’re a great mid-level option that’s well suited for regions with high winds.
  • Vertical Roofs : The cream of the crop, vertical roofs are among the strongest and most capable roofing choices, designed to work almost anywhere.


Metal buildings don’t have to be drab, lifeless structures. Color your world with a large assortment of building color options to choose from. You can change the color of your paneling, roofing, trim, and doors, allowing your building to tell its own story!

  • Slate Blue
  • Copper
  • Evergreen
  • MC Green
  • Barn Red
  • Crimson Red
  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Galvalume
  • Clay
  • MC Gray
  • Quaker Gray
  • Pewter Gray
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Sandstone
  • Beige
  • White
* Color samples may vary slightly from actual colors.

Doors and Windows

Every enclosed building needs doors and windows! And luckily, you’ll be able to choose from several different types. From standard entryway doors to full-sized bay garage doors, the choice is yours!

Doors and Windows

Steel Framing

The backbone of your carport, most residential steel buildings use 14 gauge framing as the industry standard. However, if you expect your building to endure heavy duties, or if you live in a region with high winds and violent weather, you may want to upgrade to the thicker, 12 gauge framing.

  • color-framecolor-frame


The anchors used for your carport will depend entirely on your chosen foundation. For dirt foundations, auger-like mobile home anchors are driven directly into the soil. For asphalt, spiked rods are used to secure your building. And concrete foundations will use special bolts placed directly into the concrete pad.


The certification system is a standardized process that determines whether a structure can withstand the wind, snow, and seismic forces generated in a particular region. By owning a certified metal building, not only can you relax knowing your structure can handle any inclement weather, but it can also be added to your property value if you ever choose to sell.

The Many Applications of Carports with Storage Buildings

Believe it or not, carports are suitable for much more than just protecting vehicles! In fact, there are a ton of ways these structures can be used. For example, they’re fantastic as:

Equipment Storage Buildings

If you’ve grown tired of all the clutter in your home, you’re not alone! And there’s no better way to give these items their own space than with a carport and storage building combination.

Extra Parking

If your driveway or property is on the lean side when it comes to available parking, a carport is a great solution. They’re also easily expandable should you need additional parking and coverage!

Agricultural Storage

For farmers, growers, and equestrian fans, having the right infrastructure is important. And steel buildings are the ideal choice for these applications. From loafing sheds to full stables, these buildings can do it all.

Garden Sheds

If you’ve got a green thumb and love to work in your garden, having an in-house garden shed is a fantastic way to keep your tools and supplies clean and in pristine condition.

Office Spaces

Working from home? There’s no better way to give your homework environment its own space. Metal buildings can be fully finished with insulation, drywall, electricity, and all the trappings of a fully livable building.

Workshop Spaces

Hobbies are an integral way to relax and stay centered. It’s also a great way to bring in a little extra income! And with an enclosed carport combination building, you’ll be able to do it all. From woodworking to welding, the only limits are your budget and your imagination!

The Benefits of Owning a Carport and Storage Building

It’s no surprise that carports, metal buildings, and metal garages are among the most versatile structure types on the market. But there is a wide range of advantages to owning these structures that might not meet the eye.

  • Weather Protection

    The weather patterns in many parts of the US can be vicious, and sometimes stick-built buildings aren’t quite up to the challenge. However, steel is naturally flexible, allowing it to handle more weight for more extended periods than wood. By purchasing a steel structure, you’ll be able to sleep easily, knowing your vehicles, equipment, and tools are always safe, no matter the weather outside.

  • Versatility

    No matter how hard you look, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a structure type as versatile as steel. From simple backyard sheds to enormous commercial buildings and warehouses, steel buildings are the perfect construction choice.

  • Affordability

    With lumber prices soaring, it makes sense that steel buildings have become an increasingly popular construction option. After all, carports and prefab metal buildings can be built at a fraction of the cost compared to wooden structures.

  • Low Maintenance

    Since metal buildings are naturally resistant to moisture, rust, mildew, pests, and even fires up to 1,200 Degrees Fahrenheit, they require very little upkeep. As a result, you’ll save money before, during, and long after the purchase of your metal building.

  • Longevity

    Once again, thanks to modern engineering and the capabilities of galvanized steel, carports with storage buildings can last for decades while requiring minimal repairs.

  • DIY-Friendly

    If you’re skilled with tools and you want to take on building, expanding, or modifying a structure, metal buildings are the perfect construction option.

How to Pick the Right Carport for Your Next Project

When you begin your metal carport journey, there’s a lot you’ll need to keep in mind to ensure you get what you need from your structure. As such, it’s crucial to keep these things in mind:

  • Decide Your Preferred Metal Carport Size and Configuration : Are you looking for a carport with enclosed storage, or do you need a full-on garage? Having a solid idea of your needs is a great place to start when deciding what type of structure to buy.
  • Choose Your Foundation : Pick between soil, asphalt, or concrete- the choice is yours! Each anchor system works well for its chosen foundation type and provides plenty of protection for your new structure.
  • Choose a Roof Style: The roof of your structure will say a lot about how it can be used. You’ll want to carefully decide which roofing type works best for your aesthetic and practical needs.
  • Building Permits : Most localities will require permanent structures to be fully permitted. Therefore, you’ll want to check with local building inspectors and officials to determine the permits you need to secure.

Metal Carports Are Great, No Matter the Time of Year

A great thing about metal carports, metal buildings, and garages is their ability to let you work year-round. Whether you’re maintaining cars or housing a workshop, these structures allow you to work no matter the weather outside. With insulation, these buildings are great for staying warm during cold winters and keeping cool during the hotter summer months.

So, if your hobbies or work keep you out in the elements, you can trust a custom metal building to give you the shade and shelter you need to stay functional.

Into DIY? A Steel Carport with Storage Might Be Right Up Your Alley

If you love home projects, a DIY metal building kit is a fantastic way to complete a job yourself! These kits come with everything you’d find in our traditional metal buildings, except you perform the installation! It’s a great way to avoid long lead times and scheduling installation crews! It’s also a great way to manage your carport with storage costs!

Carport with Storage Cost

When you purchase a carport with extra storage, you can expect the price to vary a bit depending on the circumstances. Let’s take a look at a few of the things that may influence the cost of your metal building:

  • No Credit Check Size

    Obviously, the larger the building you choose, the more expensive it will be. But you will also need to factor in the building style. Some building footprints and styles will cost more than others.

  • No Credit Check Reinforcements

    Some areas of the US are just harder on buildings. If you live in a region that regularly experiences high winds, hail, heavy snow accumulation, or earthquakes, you may need to upgrade to thicker framing and paneling. These tougher components do require additional steel and will ultimately influence the price of your structure.

  • No Credit Check Raw Steel Prices

    Raw steel is a valuable commodity that continuously changes value based on demand, supply, transport logistics, weather patterns, and even world events. These fluctuations will invariably affect your metal building cost.

  • No Credit Check Region

    AA Metal Buildings uses a wide range of manufacturers to ensure you can enjoy a carport no matter where you call home. However, some manufacturers do have slight price differences, and this can influence the price of your structure.

  • No Credit Check Installation

    If you live in a remote area that is difficult for installation crews to reach, you may incur additional costs for the added manpower needed to complete the job. This can also affect the final price of your carport with storage.


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