Metal Garage Kits

Whether you need extra room to house your new vehicle or you simply want to keep some of your valuables and belongings safe and dry, a metal garage is a tried-and-true solution. And if you’re into DIY projects, metal garage kits are the perfect way to take on a new project and save a few bucks in the process.

But what exactly is a metal garage kit? How does it differ from a standard metal building? If you’re unfamiliar with the industry surrounding custom metal garages, it’s completely understandable not to know!

Metal garage kits are essentially the same product as a traditional metal building. The key difference is that a standard metal building typically comes with professional installation. Metal garage kits, however, are packaged and delivered to you for construction.

Read on to learn more about our custom metal garage kits!

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What You Receive in Your Metal Garage Kit

When you purchase a metal garage kit, you’ll receive a number of components that have been neatly packaged together. In this delivery, you’ll find:

  • Steel framing members and supports
  • Roofing panels
  • Wall paneling of your choice
  • All required hardware, including fasteners
  • Anchors depending on your foundation preference
  • Windows and doors
  • Any customization options or additions you’ve added as part of your building’s design

These components will all be designed and produced according to specific measurements in a manufacturing facility, packaged, and shipped directly to your door.

Various Garage Kits You Can Choose From

One factor that makes prefab metal buildings stand out in the crowd is their versatility. These structures can be custom-designed to fit almost any application, making them the perfect choice for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. In fact, take a look at just a few interesting ways customers like you use these garage kits!

One-Car Garage Kit

If you’re the proud owner of a single car or you want to protect your home mowing equipment, a one-car garage kit is an effective option. These structures often start at 12’x20′ but can be designed in a wide range of configurations.

Two-Car Garage Kits

A double-car garage is a perfect solution if you have two vehicles or a single car and several pieces of equipment that need protection.

Three-Car Garage Kits

Like the former structures, this garage kit type is designed to accommodate three standard-sized vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and smaller SUVs. They’re a great option if you’re looking for ample space to maintain your vehicles throughout the year.

RV Garage Kits

For owners of recreational vehicles, motorhomes, and tour buses, an RV garage kit provides you with everything you need to keep your cars in great condition year-round. These structures are typically built taller than standard steel structures, offering the clearance required for taller vehicles.

Regular-Roof Garage Kits

A regular roof garage isn’t any different than a standard garage kit, except that it features a regular roofing system. This roofing type can be identified by its rounded awnings and horizontal roofing panels. A regular roof is one of the most economical roofing options and is designed to handle most mild climates without issue.


Horizontal-Roof Garage Kits

Like the regular roof garage, a horizontal roof garage is the exact same structure type as those previously mentioned, except that it features an A-frame roofing style. This roof has features that resemble traditional residential homes, with overhanging awnings and horizontal roofing panels. This option is a great mid-tier choice that works well for standing up against high winds.

Vertical-Roof Garage Kits

Again, these garages are structurally identical to any one, two, or three-car garage kit, except that it has vertical roofing panels. A vertical roofing system is the most expensive choice but is incredibly effective at reducing roof debris. They’re excellent for volatile climates that often see high winds, heavy rainfall, and abundant snow accumulation.

Custom Garage Kits

Any garage is a custom garage if you preside over its design! And luckily, metal buildings are some of the most customizable structures on the market, giving you complete control over every aspect of your building. Change your structure’s size, color, panel type, roofing options, and more!

Customization Options for Your Metal Garage Kit

As we’ve mentioned, metal building kits are some of the most versatile structures around. And a big part of that comes from their customization capabilities. For example, when you purchase a steel garage, you’ll be able to change your structure:

  • Dimensions

    From a single-car garage to enormous industrial-sized facilities, there’s no end to how big you can go! The only limits are your imagination and your budget!

  • Color Options

    You’ll also be able to pick between over 16 different premium color options to give your structure a bit of added flair. You can even customize the color of your roofing and trim, allowing you to coordinate and choose different schemes.

  • Garage Doors

    From standard walk-in doors to larger roll-up garage doors, you’ll be able to design your building to function the way you need it to. Add as many doors as you need!

  • Windows

    Just like doors, every enclosed structure needs the right kind of windows. With a steel building, you’ll be able to add as many as you require. In addition to the standard options, if you have custom windows in mind, we’ll perform a frame-out to meet your specific measurements.

  • Anchoring Systems

    While not necessarily customization, the anchoring system you’ll receive with your metal garage kit will depend on your chosen foundation. Dirt foundations will require auger-like mobile home anchors, asphalt will use spiked rods, and concrete pads have specialized bolts to secure your structure to the ground.

  • Framing and Paneling Gauges

    In most residential settings, custom metal garages will come with 14 gauge framing and 26 gauge paneling. This is more than effective for ensuring a structure can handle mild climates. However, if you live in a region that experiences high winds and heavy snow accumulation, you’ll likely want to reinforce your building with thicker 12 gauge framing and 24 gauge paneling.

  • Certification

    The certification system is designed to ensure a building can survive the high winds and snow loads in a given area. And while certified buildings are typically more expensive than non-certified options, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your custom building is designed to handle your climate.

What to Do When You Receive Your Garage Kit

So the big day has arrived! You’ve purchased your metal garage kit and patiently waited for the components to be delivered. But, as you stand there among the components, it might be overwhelming to know what to do next. But we’ll help! Here’s what you’ll need to know!

Prepare Your Building Site

This aspect will need to be handled before your structure arrives. You’ll want to choose a location that rests above natural water runoff and in close proximity to available utilities. Next, you’ll need to clear the site of any debris and have the installation site adequately graded. If you’ve chosen a concrete foundation, it will need to be installed and fully cured before construction.


Though designed to be an easy and affordable option for those that want to skip professional installation, these structures will include large components that will need to be safely handled. As such, you’ll want to have a minimal background in construction before taking on a project of this size. In some cases, you’ll even need the assistance of heavy machinery like lifts and loaders.

Base Rails and Anchors

The first step will be to connect your base rails to your foundation using the anchor systems mentioned above. For concrete, holes must be measured and drilled through the pad and base rails. Then bolts will be drilled through these holes, securing your structure firmly in place.


Once the infrastructure is in place, you’ll erect your building by raising your support columns and joining them with the horizontal trusses using the fasteners included in your kit. Congratulations! Once this is complete, the skeleton of your structure is ready for paneling and roofing!

Paneling and Roofing

Now that the frame of your metal garage is in place, it’s time to connect the paneling and roofing. Moving across the structure, you’ll secure these panels to your framing using the included fasteners.

Doors, Windows, and Accessories

Now that the shell of your building is complete, it’s time to add the doors, windows, and any accessories you may have added to your order. So if you’ve decided to add third-party custom windows and doors, now is the time to install these.

Sealing and Insulation

After the hardware of your building has been finalized, you’ll want to seal any cracks or gaps with sealant to prevent extra airflow. Combine this with the proper insulation to make a fully-livable structure that’s extremely energy efficient.

The Multiple Applications of Metal Garage Kits

No matter the purpose, a metal garage kit is adaptable enough to tackle the job. As such, they’re now regularly used in a wide range of applications. For example, you’ll see these structures used for:

  1. Vehicle Storage : Keeping your cars, trucks, and SUVs in good condition is crucial if you want them to last. And there’s no better way to ensure they stay pristine than with a steel building.
  1. Agriculture : For years, growers and farmers around the nation have trusted custom metal buildings for their barns, livestock shelters, and feed storage. They’re naturally resistant to moisture infiltration, rust, mold, mildew, pests, and even temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them highly effective for keeping your farming installation operating at peak performance.
  1. Work From Home : The pandemic shifted how many people work. More and more individuals are working from home these days, and having the right infrastructure for the job is vital. Luckily metal buildings make perfect home office spaces that give you the freedom to be productive in the comfort of your own home.
  1. Personal Gyms : Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an integral part of many people’s lives. And never has it been easier! Now, instead of paying exorbitant gym fees, you can bring all the equipment to your home! These structures can be designed to make excellent personal gyms, with ample space for workout equipment, weights, and anything you need to stay fit year-round!
  1. Mancaves and She-Sheds : Sometimes you just need to escape the rat race. And there’s no easier way to accomplish this than with a metal garage. These structures have everything you need to design your own getaway relaxation station. Simply install your building and customize it with insulation, drywall, electricity, and everything you need to bring some peace to your environment!
  1. Music Studios : A big part of performing music is having the ability to make high-quality recordings. Unfortunately, securing studio time is incredibly expensive. At least, until now! With a steel garage kit, you can design your recording studio or practice space with minimal overhead costs!

Factors That Make Metal Garage Kits a Great Investment

There are many reasons that metal garage kits have become one of the most popular structure types on the market. Let’s discuss what makes them stand out from the competition:

  • No Credit Check Increases Property Value

    Did you know owning a certified metal building can increase your overall property value? It’s true! With the proper permits, if you should choose to sell your real estate, your metal garage will be included in your appraisal, effectively increasing its value.

  • No Credit Check Extra Storage Space

    As you can imagine, finding the right storage space these days can be an exercise in frustration. In fact, a multi-billion dollar commercial self-storage industry exists simply because it’s so difficult- and expensive to find a storage room. Steel garages give you the power to keep all your possessions safe and sound without paying expensive monthly rental fees.

  • No Credit Check Living Spaces

    Not only do these buildings work for workshops, office spaces, and lounges, they can even be used as fully-livable structures! With insulation, drywall, wiring, and plumbing, steel buildings make fantastic guest houses or apartment spaces!

  • No Credit Check Multi-Purpose Spaces

    Sometimes you have different hobbies but only have enough space to house one at a time. After all, working on your newest painting masterpiece is hard when there’s an old Chevy between you and the Easel. But with a metal garage kit, you can design your building to house numerous activities!

  • No Credit Check Affordability

    Not only are metal buildings some of the most cost-effective construction options available, but you’ll also save money by choosing a kit! Most metal building suppliers will offer discounts for foregoing professional installation. Sometimes even up to 40% off your total building’s price!

  • No Credit Check Longevity

    We can’t speak about metal buildings without discussing their extensive lifespan. Unlike wooden and concrete structures that require regular repair, a metal building can provide decades of faithful service with minimal need for maintenance.

How Much Does a Metal Garage Kit Cost?

In most cases, you can expect a metal building garage to range between $3,000 and $8,000, depending on its size, reinforcements, and add-ons. However, determining a metal garage’s cost can be complicated. For example, these buildings feature numerous components that fluctuate in price based on several factors.

From the cost of raw steel to thicker gauge framing reinforcements, several aspects will affect your building’s total price. As such, you’ll likely want to work closely with a trained building specialist to generate an educated quote on your structure’s cost.

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For years, AA Metal Buildings has strived to be one of the leading providers of quality metal buildings in the US. We push for excellence so that you can enjoy the benefits of a strong premium structure no matter where you call home. Not only are our buildings designed using superior engineering practices, but we also back them up with exemplary customer service that lasts far after the sale.

So, if you’re ready to get your spring project ready, give AA Metal Buildings a call +1 (877) 244-4470. Our building specialists will be happy to work with you and develop a steel building kit that works for all your residential, commercial, or industrial needs!