Metal Garage Prices

If you’re a car owner, you’ve most likely thought long and hard about buying a garage. Automobiles are enormous investments, after all. To properly care for these investments, you need a structure that’s capable of standing up to the worst Mother Nature has to offer. And there’s no safer way of achieving this than with a metal building. These durable, cost-efficient structures are engineered to save you money before, during, and long after the installation. So, if you’re looking for more information on metal garage prices, you’ve come to the right place!

Choosing a custom metal garage is the right choice, no matter what you intend to do with it. Whether you need a smaller building to house your vehicles and equipment or an enormous industrial building with plenty of available square footage, AA Metal Buildings has the skills and experience to deliver the structure of your dreams! But before we go any farther, let’s take a moment to talk about how our metal buildings are priced.

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Factors that Affect Your Metal Garage Price

Metal garages come in many different forms and sizes, so it’s essential to understand what affects their final price tag. There are many facets that work together to bring you your garage at an affordable price. Some of these factors include:

  • Raw Steel Prices

    Raw steel is a huge commodity, and its price can fluctuate based on several things, including shipping costs, weather mishaps, and current demand.

  • Size Matters

    The dimensions of your metal building will have a significant effect on the price tag. Larger buildings require more steel and heavier framing to support them, increasing the overall price.

  • Customizations

    Our metal buildings are made for customization, giving you the power to change and adjust almost every facet of your structure. Changing colors, dimensions, adding doors, and more are all at your fingertips. This extensive customization does affect the end cost, though.

  • Local Codes and Regulations

    Depending on your location, your new building may need to meet specific zoning codes. These codes may increase the final budget of your building project.

  • Location

    Depending on your location, the dealer or manufacturer in your area may have varying rates, altering the final price of your structure.

Steel Garage Buildings

Types of Metal Garages

Metal buildings and prefab metal garages come in a wide variety of sizes and types. When buying one, it’s necessary to know precisely what’s available and what you need. To help this process, we’ve compiled a few of our most popular size options.

One Car Garage

As you may have guessed, one car garage offers enough room to comfortably house a single automobile. This size is great if you’re looking for a space large enough to accommodate lawn equipment or if you need a small workshop.

Two-Car Garage

A two-car garage offers more space than the former model, enough to safely house two smaller vehicles.

Three Car Garage

If you need more space than a two-car garage offers, how about a three-car garage? These buildings provide plenty of room for multiple vehicles as well as ample storage space.

Residential Garage

A residential garage is typically larger than a two or three-car garage, built with living quarters or as an addition to already present home. These building sizes tend to ride the line between a smaller metal structure and a larger commercial building.

Side Entry Metal Garage

Much like the name implies, a side entry metal garage is a standard garage of any size that has been designed with multiple side entryways. These building types make excellent areas for conducting automotive work and repairs.

Why You Should Buy a Metal Garage from AA Metal Buildings

If you haven’t noticed by now, metal garages by AA Metal Buildings are a big deal. They’re strong, customizable, and made to last for generations. But if you haven’t seen enough to finally pull the trigger on your new building, let’s look at a few of the biggest advantages to owning a metal garage.

  • No Credit Check Strength

    Unlike wooden structures, steel garages are engineered to stand up to the worst weather in most regions of the US. This guarantees that your structure will be standing strong, no matter how much Mother Nature conjures!

  • No Credit Check Moisture-Resistant

    Not only are our buildings incredibly strong, they’re also resistant to moisture. These structures are made from galvanized steel, allowing them to remain free of rust, mold, mildew, and general decay.

  • No Credit Check Fire-Resistant

    Did you know that our structures can withstand temperatures of nearly 1200 degrees Fahrenheit? Most fires don’t burn hot enough to melt or damage galvanized steel. This will ensure that your valuables remain safe and intact, even if a fire should happen.

  • No Credit Check Highly Customizable

    You can’t customize a wooden building this much! At least not without a hired engineer. Our garages are incredibly customizable, giving you the power to change dimensions, colors, framing, windows and doors, roofing systems, and much more! With this amount of customization, the only limits are your budget and your imagination!

Garages Can Increase Your Property Value

Did you know that by adding a new metal garage or steel building to your property can increase its overall value? Adding an attached building to an existing structure like a home is a fantastic way to increase your overall square footage. And since it’s not made from wood, you’ll rarely have to worry about maintenance, and you’ll never deal with regular decay. Wooden buildings simply can’t compete with this level of durability.

Metal Garages are Eco-Friendly!

One of the best features of owning a metal garage is knowing that it’s a sustainable, eco-friendly construction option. Wooden building requires tons of lumber and contributes to heavy deforestation globally. But not metal buildings! The steel for these structures is 100% recyclable and can be used again once your garage has reached the end of its life.

Metal Garage Kits Price

Are you an avid DIY aficionado? Do you have a background in construction? Do you like a challenge? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll love our premium metal garage kits. These kits come with everything you’d find in our standard metal garages, except you get to put it together yourself!

Much like our normal metal structures, many factors add up to affect the final price of your building. These variables include the raw cost of steel, reinforcements, and installation locations, to name a few. Additionally, choosing a premium roofing option like our vertical roofing panels will increase the final cost of your structure.

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