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SKU: PRD131-24359
24x35 Regular Roof Metal Garage
Price Starting at: $11,033
(*Price vary by location and are exclusive of sales tax)
  • width

    Width:- 24

  • |

    Length:- 35

  • |

    Height:- 9

SKU: PRD95-182511
18x25 Regular Roof Steel Garage
Price Starting at: $8,008
(*Price vary by location and are exclusive of sales tax)
  • width

    Width:- 18

  • |

    Length:- 25

  • |

    Height:- 11

SKU: PRD87-18218
18x20 Regular Roof Metal Garage
Price Starting at: $6,061
(*Price vary by location and are exclusive of sales tax)
  • width

    Width:- 18

  • |

    Length:- 21

  • |

    Height:- 8

What is Regular Roof Garage?

Choosing a building is a big decision. After all, it is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come, so it’s important that you know exactly what you’re getting before you spend your hard-earned money and commit to the long-term.

Regular roof metal garages from AA Metal Buildings are strong structures made of steel. As the name implies, they feature regular roofs that utilize horizontal panels with rounded corners to cut down on manufacturing waste and simplify installation. This keeps the price low and usability extremely high.

Key Features of Regular Roof Garages

As you would expect from a worthwhile investment, regular roof steel garages have many benefits and awesome features. There is no way to list all of the benefits of these do-it-all buildings, so we’ve selected a few key features to highlight. Check them out below!

Truly CustomizableTruly Customizable
Truly Customizable

There is almost no part of your metal regular roof garages that isn’t up to your discretion. From the size to the location and type of doors, nearly every aspect of design can be customized to seamlessly fit your applications, preferences, and needs.

Excellent WarrantiesExcellent Warranties
Excellent Warranties

Every steel regular roof garage from AA Metal Buildings’comes with a stellar warranty that covers workmanship, rust-through, and other vital aspects associated with your new building investment. AA Metal Buildings stand behind its products, so you can have peace-of-mind.

DIY KitsDIY Kits
DIY Kits

If you want to save some money and have the ambition and know-how to take on the installation of your regular roof garage yourself, a DIY kit from AA Metal Buildings is perfect for you. It includes everything you need to successfully install your building yourself.

Regular Roof Garages – Applications Aplenty

With infinite possible needs for buildings, it can be almost impossible to find a building that works for everyone. Thanks to the impressive foundation that a regular roof garage provides and the customization that AA Metal Buildings offer, regular garages can facilitate a multitude of applications. We’ve included a few below, but the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.



The diversity that commercial pursuits demand from buildings is challenging for many structures. Regular roof garages can function as office space, warehousing, and so on without a problem.



If anyone knows the importance of functional, versatile space that is strong enough to stand up to the elements and hard work, it’s those who use their buildings for agricultural purposes. Regular garages check all the necessary boxes to serve agricultural needs.



Those who plan to use their regular garages for residential purposes are in for a treat. No matter what your intent, a regular roof garage can facilitate your desires, passions, and needs without a hitch.

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Regular Roof Steel Garages - Big on Use, Small on Price


Regular garages start at 12’ by 21’ and can be customized to the exact dimensions that you need. The larger your building is, the more expensive it will be. The price is also influenced by customizations you choose to make and your geographic location. Starting prices are around $2,955.

AA Metal Buildings does offer some fantastic financing options to help you secure your regular metal garage. A financing program is available, as is a rent-to-own program.

Regular Roof Metal Garages – Stellar Service

A great building is one thing, but getting a great building and amazing customer service from a wonderful company is an entirely unique experience. AA Metal Buildings offer extraordinary services that include free delivery and installation of your regular roof metal garages. They also offer incredibly fast lead times of only four to six weeks!


Financing with AA Metal Building

AA Metal Buildings makes it easy for you to buy your steel building and put it to use quickly.
It offers a financing program and a rent-to-own option, ensuring your building needs to align with your financial situation. If you’re ready to add a metal building to your life, but you’re not quite ready to pay outright for it, no worries. We’re proud to offer financing programs that work for every buyer!

Just apply, get approved instantly, and then work with us to determine ideal, monthly payments. You won’t need to delay getting your metal building!

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Buying a Regular Garage from AA Metal Buildings

There’s no need to delay your purchase or be overwhelmed by the options available. An experienced team of knowledgeable experts at AA Metal Buildings will guide you through the intuitive customization and ordering process to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. For more information or to order your dream regular style metal garage, simply call our experts today.

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