Metal Barn Kits

Metal barns have played a critical role for farmers and growers around the nation, allowing them to keep their animals, equipment, and food supplies safe and dry throughout the year. They trust these structures for their strength, reliability, adaptability, and affordability. And for those with experience in construction, these custom barns are available in kit form.

What exactly is a metal barn kit, you might ask? A metal barn kit is essentially the same product as any traditional steel barn, except that the components are delivered to you for construction. Most metal building companies will offer professional installation as part of their building packages. But by foregoing this process, you can save money and have your structure delivered for completion on your own time.

If you’re looking for an affordable solution for protecting your animals or equipment on the farm, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for your ultimate guide to purchasing and building metal barn kits.

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What You Receive When Your Order a Metal Barn Kit

When you purchase a metal barn kit, you’ll receive all the necessary components to complete installation. These components include:

  • Roofing panels
  • Steel framing
  • Members
  • Supports
  • Hat channels
  • Wall paneling
  • Windows and doors according to your design
  • Custom features and components included with your purchase
  • Fasteners and Hardware

These items will arrive neatly packaged and ready for you to begin the construction process.

Types of Available Barn Buildings

Steel farm buildings come in many different sizes and configurations, giving you free rein to use them in almost any capacity. In fact, here are just a few ways you can use these structures.

Horse Barns

Farmers and horse enthusiasts know how expensive it can be to shelter your animals. At least, until now! Metal horse barn kits are a fantastic, cost-effective way to keep your four-legged friends safe, warm, and dry all year round. They can be customized to include stalls, washing areas, and more!

Storage Barns

It takes a lot of equipment to keep a modern farm operational. From tractors to combines and plows, farmers rely on these expensive items each day. Unfortunately, rain, snow, and UV exposure can cause immense damage to these vehicles if left exposed for extended periods. But with a metal storage barn, your farming tools will always be ready to go!

Regular Roof Barn Kits

A regular roof barn is like any other barn type, except that the roofing type features rounded corners and horizontally placed panels. It’s a great affordable option that works well for barns in most mild climates.

A-Frame Horizontal Roof Barn Kits

An A-frame roof barn can be any size or style but will feature a more traditional roofing style, with overhanging awnings and horizontal paneling. A-frames are an excellent mid-level choice that protects from high winds but minimal safety from heavy rain.

Vertical Roof Barn Kits

Barn kits with vertical roofing systems, like A-frames, will have a higher roof pitch and overhanging eaves. The critical difference is that this roofing type will have vertically arranged paneling. These vertical panels allow rain, snow accumulation, and general debris to easily fall away from your structure, keeping it clean and extending its lifespan.


Continuous Roof Barn Kits

A continuous roof barn is a style of barn that features two total roof slopes that cover both the main structure and one or two lean-to’s on either side, giving it the appearance of one single roof. This barn type provides plenty of room for storing animals, equipment, or vehicles inside, with additional space for covered storage on the exterior.

Raised Center Style Barn Kits

Also known as a drop-down barn, raised center barns will have two roof faces for the main structure and two roofing slopes for lean-tos on either side, giving it the appearance that the center of the structure rises higher than the rest of the building. This roofing style provides the same level of storage capacity as other buildings, with additional room for exterior storage, thanks to the lean-tos.

Custom Barn Kits

Technically, any of the barns mentioned above are considered custom barn kits. Since steel buildings are highly customizable, you’ll be able to design your building to fit any style or purpose.

Customizations Your Metal Barn Kit

Since we’re on the topic of customization, let’s dive deeper into how you can alter or change your new metal barn to suit your needs.

  • Size

    Metal barn buildings come in a wide variety of size options, allowing you to choose a structure size that’s perfect for your desires. From small equipment sheds to enormous metal barns, there are no limits to how big you can build!

  • Roof Styles

    As mentioned earlier, there are several roofing types to choose from, including

    1. Regular Roofs
    2. A-Frame Horizontal Roofs
    3. Vertical Roofs

    These roofing options vary not only in aesthetics but also capabilities and price. As such, you’ll want to choose a roof that works well for your budget and environment.

  • Colors

    Did you know that most metal building providers have over 16 color options? You’ll easily be able to choose a color that works for you! And you can even customize your trim and roofing panels, giving you the ability to choose custom color schemes that make your building stand out!

  • Doors and Windows

    If you’re designing an enclosed structure, it will undoubtedly need windows and doors. And luckily, you’ll be able to add as many as you need. From standard walk-in doors to larger roll-up garage doors, make your building how you want it!

  • Anchors

    The anchor system you’ll receive in your metal building kit will depend on your chosen foundation type. Dirt foundations require mobile home anchor systems, while asphalt uses spiked rods to secure your structure. For concrete foundations, one of the most popular options, you’ll attach your building to the foundation with specialized concrete bolts.

  • 14- and 12-Gauge Framing

    In most regions, 14-gauge framing is the standard thickness for residential structures. However, if you live in an area that regularly experiences high winds or heavy snowfall, you’ll likely want to customize your structure with reinforced 12-gauge framing.

  • 29- and 26-Gauge Paneling

    Much like your framing, 29-gauge paneling is the industrial standard for paneling thickness. But if you expect high winds and deep snow, opting for a thicker 26-gauge stock is encouraged.

  • Certification

    Though not exactly a customization option, the certification system is a standardized engineering test that ensures a structure can withstand the wind, snow, and seismic forces in a given area. By choosing a building that has undergone this certification process, you can rest assured that it is up to the challenge of your chosen environment. Choosing a certified building is also vital if you expect to secure a building permit from your local building authority.

Though not exactly a customization option, the certification system is a standardized engineering test that ensures a structure can withstand the wind, snow, and seismic forces in a given area. By choosing a building that has undergone this certification process, you can rest assured that it is up to the challenge of your chosen environment. Choosing a certified building is also vital if you expect to secure a building permit from your local building authority.

Why Choose Metal Barn Kits?

There are plenty of reasons that metal barns are one of the most popular construction options on the market. But what about metal barn kits? Why should you choose a kit?

  1. Educational : Even for knowledgeable contractors, taking on a building project will undoubtedly be a learning experience. You’ll have an innate knowledge of how your structure works and how it was constructed, giving you the expertise to handle almost any kind of future expansion or repairs.
  1. Installing on Your Schedule : By choosing to handle the construction of your building on your own, you’ll be able to dictate your schedule. Work when you want to, and complete the project on your own timeline! It’s perfect for those that want to work quickly- or slowly!
  1. Money Savings : Many metal building providers will wrap installation costs up in their metal barn prices. But, in many cases, these retailers will offer a discount for handling installation yourself. Sometimes even up to 40% off the total cost of your building!
  1. A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment : There’s nothing better than taking a step back to enjoy your work after completing any project. Imagine how you’ll feel staring at the new metal barn you just finished!

The Many Applications for Metal Barn Kits

One of the ways custom barns have achieved their level of popularity comes down to their versatility. Since they can be designed at any size, style, or configuration, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an application that doesn’t suit them well. In fact, take a look at just a few ways these structures are used regularly!

Heavy Equipment Storage

Large tractors, plows, combines, and vehicles are an essential part of everyday farming life. And if you hope to extend the life of these tools, a metal barn is one of your most cost-effective protection options.

Hay Barns

Keeping up an ample feed supply for your horses and animals is difficult! Feed supplies and hay can often be susceptible to mold, mildew, and pests. But since metal barn kits are made using galvanized steel, your hay and feed will always remain safe and healthy for your animals!

Dairy Barns

Dairy production is a big business and often requires the proper infrastructure to work! Luckily, metal farm buildings are up to the challenge and make excellent dairy production facilities! Whether you’re designing a milking center or simply housing your cows, you can trust steel to get the job done!

Horse Stables

From equine enthusiasts to ranchers, horses are a significant aspect of many farms. And they can be expensive to feed and house! But prefab metal barns are designed to make stabling your horses easy, customizable, and affordable!

Riding Arenas

Thanks to modern engineering techniques, many steel buildings can be built at enormous sizes without the need for internal support columns. This open square footage makes them perfect for riding arenas, training facilities, and more!


Everyone has hobbies! And whether you’re enjoying a way to blow off steam or conducting a full-on side business, a metal barn kit provides you with the space and functionality you need to maximize productivity.

Why Metal Barns Are the Safest Alternative

There’s a reason metal buildings are some of the most popular construction methods around! Let’s take a quick look at why steel buildings provide safety and security for all aspects of your agricultural operation.

  • No Credit Check Pest Resistance

    One of the most significant issues with running a farm is keeping your facilities and food supplies free from pests. Rodents, termites, and a wide variety of insects can cause immense damage to crops, food supplies, and equipment if left unchecked. But since steel provides these creatures with no natural source of food or bedding, you won’t have to worry about them setting up shop on your farm!

  • No Credit Check Protection from Extreme Weather

    You’ll be hard-pressed to find a construction material that can withstand the environment better than steel. This comes down to steel’s ability to flex when met with external forces such as snow, debris, or wind. When concrete and wooden materials crack and break, steel will hold true.

  • No Credit Check Fire Resistance

    Did you know that metal barn can withstand temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit? This is hotter than most natural fires burn. And while no structure is truly fireproof, steel buildings will always be able to hold up better than stick-built alternatives.

  • No Credit Check Lasting Value

    With lumber prices constantly rising, metal buildings are now the most cost-effective construction option. Combine this affordability with minimal maintenance needs and upkeep costs, and you’ll have a structure that provides decades of service and value.

  • No Credit Check Versatility and Aesthetics

    Since you can customize a structure in any way, there’s no end to how they can look. For example, you can design a modern-looking building or choose a more traditional option. The only limits here are your budget and your imagination!

  • No Credit Check Maintenance

    Since steel is naturally resistant to moisture damage, oxidation, mold, mildew, pests, and fires, you’ll spend very little time performing repairs or upkeep. Not only will this save you tons of time, but it’ll also spare your wallet in the process!

How Much Does a Metal Barn Kit Cost?

In many cases, you can expect a 24’x40′ metal barn to be between $8,000 and $15,000, depending on the provider and customization features you choose. However, narrowing down a final building cost can be challenging even for the most experienced metal building professionals. This is due to several factors affecting metal building prices, such as the current value of raw steel, your customization options, and the region where you order your structure.

If you’d like to get a quote on a metal barn kit, you’ll want to work closely with a trained building expert. This professional can help you design your structure and explain any additional costs that may arise during the design process.

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