Oklahoma Metal Buildings

Oklahoma was opened to homesteaders in 1889, but many settlers tried to rush in early, thus earning the moniker “Sooners”. The Sooner State is a prairie paradise whose fertile plains produce incredible crops of wheat, hay, sorghum, cotton, and peanuts. The land is also full of minerals:  helium, gypsum, zinc, cement, coal, copper, and silver.

Oklahoma is home to 86,000 farms, covering 35,100,000 acres. Its agricultural industry employs almost 200,000 workers and generates $28 billion in revenue. Corn and cotton, chicken and sheep are the most profitable exports. Custom metal buildings support a wide variety of industries. They can be designed for access and style to accommodate whatever your business needs.

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Oklahoma Metal Buildings for Every Need

No matter what enterprise you embark upon, a custom Oklahoma metal building will support your business. Durable, affordable, and reliable steel is forecast to last for fifty years or more!

Oh, What a Beautiful State!

Oh, What a Beautiful State!

Cattle is big business in Oklahoma. With over two million beef cows and five million cattle and calves, the industry generates $2.5 billion in gross income. Poultry also contributes $613 million per year.

Agriculture isn’t the only industry in the state. Thanks to the business-friendly atmosphere, bioscience, energy, and logistics industries are significant players as well. Big names like Dell Inc., Xerox, Williams-Sonoma, and Sprint are headquartered in Oklahoma.

A smart businessperson needs a durable, flexible building that can accommodate anything. That’s why custom Oklahoma metal buildings are the best decision you can make. You’ll discover they have lower insurance premiums because of their certified safety ratings!

Oklahoma Weather Needs Metal

Oklahoma Weather Needs Metal

Oklahoma is in the middle of what is known as “Tornado Alley”. This part of the American West is known for experiencing frequent tornado weather. The state has historically experienced horrific floods and may see more extreme weather as the global climate continues to change.

Are you ready for some good news? Metal buildings in OK are engineered to withstand high winds up to 140mph and snow loads up to 35psf. Even more impressive, if a single steel panel is damaged, it can be recycled and replaced, making future maintenance a breeze. When you consider investing in a building, there’s no better choice than a tough, certified metal building.

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Types of OK Metal Buildings

AA Metal Buildings is home to a wide inventory of metal buildings; whatever you need, we can supply! When you're looking for high-quality steel structures that can be customized to your unique requirements, look no further than the experts at AA Metal Buildings.

Types of Steel Buildings in Oklahoma

Clear Span Buildings

Flexibility is optimized by the clear span design of our metal buildings. Without interior pillars, the open floorplan can be used and reused for any number of business ventures!

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Commercial Buildings

You don't ever need to trudge through another commercial rental building again. When your business needs a custom design to accommodate your goals, commercial metal buildings are the best investment you can make.

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Workshop Buildings

Design the workshop of your dreams with the professionals at AA Metal Buildings. Custom doors and windows can be placed wherever access is most useful to you!

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Metal Carports

Keep your beloved vehicles safe from UV rays, snow, hail, and debris with a certified carport from AA Metal Buildings. Our high-grade steel is expertly rated to withstand high winds and snow loads.

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Metal Garages

Start your rock band, build the next tech company, store all the holiday decorations, and still have space for your sports car in a custom garage! You can customize paint and trim to match your existing buildings, too.

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Metal Barns

Keep your traditional aesthetic with wainscoting and trim options, but bring your barn into the 21st century with modern steel durability! Never worry about wood rot or termites again when you have a metal building that is certified to last for fifty years or more.

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Utility Buildings

Easily insulate metal buildings and look forward to an energy-efficient utility building! Metal buildings use, on average, 30% less energy than their stick-built competitors.

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Combo Buildings

Who says your building can only be one thing? Build a home gym, an art studio, and an office in the same clear-span building! The versatility of metal buildings will allow you to create a myriad of spaces under one, clear span roof.

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Metal Sheds

Confidently face the future of climate change with a metal storage shed. With roofs and panels certified to withstand high winds and snow loads, the metal buildings from AA Metal Buildings will keep you and your belongings secure.

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Storage Buildings

Professionally sealed storage buildings will keep your valuables safe from pests and weather. Steel is mold-resistant and fire-resistant, so you'll enjoy lower insurance premiums on your new metal building, too!

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Metal Buildings in Oklahoma: A Solid Investment

When you're researching buildings, you need assurance that your investment will withstand Oklahoma's volatile weather. We offer a variety of roof and foundation anchor options, depending on your property location and risk. Our state-of-the-art software provides endless custom options, so that your metal building can best benefit you and your business. When you're ready to purchase a high-quality building that will stand the test of time, come to AA Metal Buildings!

Be the Architect: Design Your All-purpose OK metal Building

Design your perfect building with custom options from AA Metal Buildings! Our 3D estimator makes you the architect. Customize your building with extra doors, windows, walkouts, and more. The only limitation here is your imagination, so imagine with different dimensions and colors!

Even better, our 3D estimator will show how each custom option affects the cost estimate. Every customization will be updated in real-time, so you won't need to worry about hidden costs. There's a whole world of metal building architecture for you to explore!

Customization Options for OK Metal Buildings

Your building can be designed to suit you, your style, and your needs. AA Metal Buildings offers so many options! Check out some of them here:

Building Sizes & Prices

How much space do you need? Tape out the space to estimate your requirements. Do you need to accommodate the table saw? Perhaps you want extra width for the SUV and truck?


Doors and Windows

Customization is easy at AA Metal Buildings. We offer a wide variety of doors and windows to create the access and atmosphere you want. Whether its French doors or a Dutch frame, we can create the aesthetic you want.



Our engineers have carefully studied the reliability and durability of our steel structures. Purchase a certified structure to enjoy long-term confidence and workmanship warranties.

Roof Style

Choose from our affordable regular roof with curved edges, our A-frame roof with high-wind certification, or our strongest roof, the Vertical.

Steel Framing Options

Our high-grade steel is rated Type 1 by the International Building Code for fire resistance. It is also pest-resistant and mold-resistant.

  • color-frame


When a single color won't do, consider the two-toned appearance offered by our stylish wainscoting!

Metal Building Colors

We offer over a dozen colors to please every taste and aesthetic, no matter how picky your municipality may be. Check with your HOA, then call our experts!

  • Slate Blue
  • Copper
  • Evergreen
  • MC Green
  • Barn Red
  • Crimson Red
  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Galvalume
  • Clay
  • MC Gray
  • Quaker Gray
  • Pewter Gray
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Sandstone
  • Beige
  • White
* Color samples may vary slightly from actual colors.

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Our executives can help you!

Our customer care executives can call you and describe our services in a better way.

Areas We Serve in Oklahoma

Here's another reason to choose AA Metal buildings for your Oklahoma building. You don't have to worry about figuring out how to transport the materials or get your building installed. We'll deliver it to your site in Oklahoma AND perform your building installation for you, all at no extra charge! We've got you covered!

The Amazing Endless Applications of OK Metal buildings

You'll find that a new, custom metal building can meet every need! Whether you need space for business or personal use, a metal building will suit you.

Storage space – Get the best in pest-resistant, mildew-resistant storage from your very own steel storage structure. Expertly sealed upon installation, our buildings will keep your valuables secure from weather and thieves.

Agriculture shed – Organize the gardening tools and park the tractor easily beneath the clear span roof of a metal shed. Your favorite tools will never be exposed to moisture and leaks when kept in a building from AA Metal Buildings.

Office space –Cubicles, flex space, conference rooms, and more can be designed and redesigned in your clear span metal building. As your company grows, you can adjust your floorplan easily!

Parking space – Maneuverability is optimized with no interior column cluttering your space! Metal buildings are perfect for your fleet of vehicles, whatever shape or size.

Hobby/or your workout space – Give yourself the gift of a designated space! When the crafts and woodworking begin to clutter your home, customize a workspace that will suit you and your passions!

Retail space – As your inventory changes with the seasons, use a metal building's flexible interior to change up your retail space! There are no set columns or walls to inhibit your customer flow; watch your business flourish in a metal building from AA Metal Buildings!

Our Simple Order Process of OK Metal building

Select the Location – Consider the soil, the wind exposure, the drainage, and access. Is your building near enough to a road for loading and unloading? Is it far enough from trees to prevent damage?

Choose Your Building Type – You scoured our site and explored all the custom options. You evaluated the dimensions using the 3D visualizer and considered different styles. Now, you're ready to commit to a building that will last for a lifetime! Select the building that's right for you and embark on the easy process by AA Metal Buildings.

Customize the Way You Want –You know that AA Metal Buildings has the custom options you want! Trim and gables, colors, we can create a building that appeals to modern design or traditional!

Make a Down Payment – You got the most awesome financing plan from our friendly budget team! Now, you send your low down payment, and our engineers will begin work on your custom metal building.

Site Preparation – While our engineers precision cut your steel frame, you will be responsible for preparing the delivery site. We recommend calling your local building inspector for a list of regulations. You may also want a soil engineer to assess your property and give advice on a location and preferable foundation. Before your building arrives, the foundation must be installed, and the area must be completely cleared of all vegetation and/or debris.

Delivery and Installation – Delivery and installation are always free at AA Metal Buildings! Our associates are happy to work with you to find a day and time that will accommodate your schedule and our crew. You will be impressed by how quickly your building is professionally assembled by our metal building experts!

Satisfaction – At AA Metal Buildings, your satisfaction is our priority! Our friendly experts are available to you every step of the way, and we encourage you to call us with any questions you may have. We are happy to help! We want you to love your new metal building; we won't be satisfied until you are satisfied.

Be Prepared: Before Installation of Your Metal Building

There are a few items on your to-do list before your new metal building can be delivered and installed!

Choose the right location – Pick an area that is elevated, for drainage purposes, and away from other structures. Don't put your new building near trees or bushes, as the branches could damage your shiny, galvanized panels.

Get permission for installation – Call your local building office and streamline the red tape; usually, the inspector can help with a checklist of permits and codes that will move the process along quickly.

Remove the debris –No detritus, vegetation, or trash can be anywhere on the site; clear all the debris. Some companies will charge a return fee if the site isn't completely cleared on delivery day, so ensure that all trash and vegetation are gone.

Prepare your soil – You may want to get the expert advice of a local soil engineer. Your property should be cleared and graded for drainage.

Decide on the foundation – Depending on what your soil engineer advises, you can choose from concrete, asphalt, gravel, and soil. Each of these options require different anchoring, so talk to the experts at AA Metal Buildings before your delivery date!

Know the Importance of Certification in OK

Experts from AA Metal Buildings will certify your structure! Some less reputable companies will offer a discount, uncertified structures, but these will only lead to red tape and fines in the future. Plus, a non-certified structure will not be reinforced to handle extreme weather. If you are purchasing a metal building in OK, you want a durable, quality structure. Choose a reliable, trustworthy dealer like AA Metal Buildings and ensure you have a building that will last for decades!

Build your Metal Building with OK Metal Building kits

Grab your tools, clear the site, and prepare for the project you've always wanted to tackle; assembling your own building! With the pre-engineered and pre-fabricated metal building kits from AA Metal Buildings, installing your custom building is easier than you may think. Each of our well-supplied kits comes with:

  • - Steel frame (and any supporting reinforcements)
  • - Steel roof panels
  • - Steel wall panels (with your chosen custom color)
  • - Required hardware (fasteners)
  • - Required anchors
  • - Doors & windows

Your building will go up in your time and at your speed, instead of waiting on an installation crew and their calendar. Even better, metal building kits are discounted over traditionally customized units, so you can grab the one you like at the price you love!

OK Metal Building Prices

At AA Metal Buildings, our prices are the best in the business. We are committed to providing quality products at affordable rates so that everyone can own a durable metal building. If you're working within a budget, call one of our friendly customer service representatives today at +1 (877) 244-4470. Depending on where you are in OK, our experts may recommend extra steel reinforcements to minimize weather risk to your building. Custom reinforcements may affect your final cost, but we want you and your building to be safe!

Oklahoma Needs AA Metal Buildings

Metal buildings from AA Metal Buildings are of the highest quality on the market, and we back every building with warranties! Why? Because we believe in delivering the best to every customer. We aren't in the business of making a quick buck - we are in the business to provide you with the metal structures that stand the test of time. We take pride in every custom metal building we provide. We want to deliver quality buildings at affordable prices to everyone in Oklahoma! Call us at +1 (877) 244-4470.