Benefits of Clear Span Buildings

The advantages of clear span metal structures are practically limitless, so we’ve listed a few key benefits below. For more detailed information on the advantages a clear span building can provide you, call AA Metal Buildings!

Quick InstallationQuick Installation
Quick Installation

The process from ordering to using a traditional wooden structure is arduous and prolonged. Clear span structures can be installed quickly, letting you put yours to use in what feels like no time at all.


Clear span metal buildings use the finest steel building materials and best engineering and workmanship to ensure your building lasts for years without faltering.


With no posts or columns to get in the way, your clear span building is truly a flexible space. No matter how you choose to use yours, it will facilitate your application flawlessly.

Applications for Clear Span Metal Buildings

Due to their extreme versatility, clear span structures can facilitate a seemingly endless number of applications. We’ve listed a few common uses below, but how you choose to use yours is limited only by your imagination!



Because they don’t rely on inconvenient structural supports, clear span steel buildings are great for storing livestock, harvested crops, and farming equipment.

Commercial and IndustrialCommercial and Industrial

Commercial and Industrial

The impressive usable space that clear span buildings provide makes them ideal for storing equipment and items of varying sizes. They are also perfect for setting up manufacturing facilities.



Whether you’re storing tools or protecting three vehicles from the elements, clear span metal buildings are a fantastic option.

Customization Options for Clear Span Buildings

AA Metal Buildings helps you make your clear span structure truly yours by allowing you to customize nearly every aspect of it. Size, color, and more are all up to your discretion. As long as you provide a suitably prepared and leveled site, AA Metal Buildings will provide your dream building.

How Much Does a Clear Span Steel Building Cost?

Many factors affect the price of your steel clear span building, including the dimensions you choose, customizations you make, and even your geographic location. AA Metal Buildings offers several standard sizes and prices start at $4,000.

Free Delivery and Installation for Clear Span Metal Buildings

Ordering your clear span steel building is easy thanks to AA Metal Buildings’ intuitive customization and ordering process. Once you’ve placed an order for your dream customized clear span building, AA Metal Buildings will deliver and install your building for free in about four to six weeks!


Financing with AA Metal Building

AA Metal Buildings makes it easy for you to buy your steel building and put it to use quickly.
It offers a financing program and a rent-to-own option, ensuring your building needs to align with your financial situation. If you’re ready to add a metal building to your life, but you’re not quite ready to pay outright for it, no worries. We’re proud to offer financing programs that work for every buyer!

Just apply, get approved instantly, and then work with us to determine ideal, monthly payments. You won’t need to delay getting your metal building!


AA Metal Buildings: The Clear Best Choice to Buy From!

Versatile, cost-effective, energy-efficient buildings that are durable and require little to no maintenance are only a phone call away. Simply give our experts a call for more information on the strongest, safest clear span metal buildings on the market. Experienced experts are waiting to answer your questions and guide you through the customization and ordering process!

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