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SKU: PRD118-264011
26x40 Vertical Roof Metal Garage
Price Starting at: $16,951
(*Price vary by location and are exclusive of sales tax)
  • width

    Width:- 26

  • |

    Length:- 40

  • |

    Height:- 11

SKU: PRD93-203010
22x30 Side Entry Metal Building
Price Starting at: $13,745
(*Price vary by location and are exclusive of sales tax)
  • width

    Width:- 22

  • |

    Length:- 30

  • |

    Height:- 10

Reasons to Choose Metal Workshop Buildings

Top reasons you should choose a steel workshop building!


Anytime something is made of steel, you know it’s going to be very strong. Steel workshop buildings are no different. They can stand up to extreme weather, the test of time, and any amount of daily abuse you put them through.


Metal workshop buildings are exceptionally durable, meaning that you can use yours for years and years to come. Viewing your building as an investment is a great way to put the tremendous value of steel workshop buildings into perspective.


AA Metal Buildings gives you nearly endless customization options, allowing you to make your building completely personalized to your preferences and needs.

Applications for Steel Workshop Buildings

We could spend hours waxing poetic about the endless possible applications for steel workshop buildings. Truly, you can use your metal workshop building for any intended use you can dream up. Since we don’t have that kind of time, though, we’ve decided to list a few overarching possibilities.

If you need a strong and cost-effective structure to protect your valuables, then AA Metal Buildings has the perfect solution for you. We offer various steel buildings, including metal workshops, carports, garages, sheds, barns, clear-span buildings, large buildings, metal warehouses, commercial metal buildings, and more. All these steel structures are designed and engineered to support different commercial, recreational, storage, and many more applications. Whether you need a small steel structure or a large metal building, AA Metal Buildings has the best solution for it. Call our building experts to order your building today. 



There is no end to the possible agricultural uses your metal workshop building can fulfill. With expensive equipment to store, maintain, and repair, livestock to keep out of the inclement weather, and harvested crops to keep safe, a workshop building is an irreplaceable part of your livelihood.



Every business needs a suitable space to operate in. No matter what aspect of business you intend to use your steel workshop building for—management, production, warehousing, etcetera—it will perform flawlessly.



Hobby shops, man-caves and she-sheds, home offices, personalized workout facilities, and more are all supported by a steel workshop building!

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Customization Options for Steel Workshop Buildings

Speaking of personalization, AA Metal Buildings’ commitment to ensuring your building fits flawlessly into your lifestyle and work is reflected in the extent to which you can customize it. While there is almost no aspect that you cannot customize, some of the primary elements include the roof style, dimensions, doors (roll-up and walk-in), windows, color, and framing thickness of your building.

Workshop Steel Building Permits


Some areas require that you obtain the correct building permits before installing a new metal workshop building. It’s important to check with local authorities before purchasing and installing your workshop building. If you fail to secure the proper building permits, you could face fines, be forced to cease construction, and even have to remove your completed building.

Metal Workshop Building Sizes and Prices

Steel workshop buildings start at 12’ by 21’ and cost around $2,955. As the size increases—whether it’s to a larger standard size or a custom size dictated by you—the price will also rise. The customizations you make to your building will also affect the price. Your location can influence the final cost, too.

AA Metal Buildings offertwo financing options to help you afford your new workshop building—a financing program and a rent-to-own program.

Workshop Steel Buildings – Color Options

The color you choose for your workshop can depend on several things, from complementing your existing structure to aligning with your favorite palette. No matter what the reasoning behind your choice may be, AA Metal Buildings can facilitate it thanks to its wide array of color options.


Financing Your Building

We want you to have the best buying experience with us! We offer a traditional financing program and a rent-to-own option, ensuring your building needs to align with your financial situation. If you’re ready to add a metal building to your life, but you’re not quite ready to pay outright for it, no worries. We’re proud to offer financing programs that work for every buyer!

Just apply, get approved instantly, and then work with us to determine ideal monthly payments. You won’t need to delay getting your metal building!

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Workshop Buildings from AA Metal Buildings

If you’re looking for a top-quality workshop building and superb customer service, you’ve come to the right place. AA Metal Buildings is the ultimate provider of steel workshop buildings. To experience the superior AA Metal Buildings experience, call our experts today on

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