6 Inexpensive Carport Ideas for this Spring (+ a Free Carport Designer)

6 Inexpensive Carport Ideas for this Spring

Can I Build a Carport During Early Spring?

Spring is upon us again, and if you’re considering building a carport, you may be wondering whether it’s the right time. It isn’t surprising that you’re wondering this. After all, Spring isn’t without its harsh weather incidents.

Wherever in the country you live, there’s a fair chance that this time of year comes with destructive storms. In some cases, they are characterized by thunder and hail, which can damage your vehicle. In other cases, their hallmark is strong gusts of wind and downpours of rain. Sometimes, Spring is all about avoiding tornadoes. Essentially, it’s clear that Spring is a turbulent time for weather.

With that in mind, it actually makes sense to consider building your carport at this time of year. After all, metal carports can protect your vehicle from the bad weather. Car damage is a common consequence of terrible weather conditions. You can save yourself a lot of money on car repairs by building your carport in early spring.

6 Affordable Carport Ideas

If you’re ready to design your affordable carport at your home, here are six ideas to keep in mind.

• Consider Metal Carport Kits

A metal carport is the best inexpensive carport type on the market. Not only is it cost-effective, but it will also be built to last.

That makes it an excellent value choice. Prefab metal carports today are also surprisingly attractive. Unlike the ugly models from the past, modern designs are stylish and appealing.

• Choose a Vertical or Boxed-Eave Roof

Metal carports come with three different roof choices. A regular, traditional roof features curved edges. This option is ideal if you’re on a budget as it is most affordable, although it isn’t the most attractive.

For a contemporary look, a vertical or boxed-eave roof is best. Boxed-eave roofs make carports visually attractive and aren’t too costly. This style of roof adds value to your home. Vertical-style roofs are similar in appearance to boxed-eave roofs. However, the roof panels will run to the edges from the roof’s crest.

It’s the recommended style if you live in an area that experiences lots of snow. A vertical roof is very strong and can hold heavy snow loads. The vertical panels let the snow just slide off.

• Measure Your Drive and Vehicles

The next thing to remember is that you need to work out which size carport to choose. You need to decide how many vehicles you’ll be parking beneath it.

You’ll also need to determine the width of your driveway as well as the amount of available space you have for the building. You need to also measure your vehicles. Make sure to add a minimum of 3 feet between your vehicle and each side of your carport. Also, you need to leave 3 feet between vehicles if you’re parking multiple cars inside. Parking will, therefore, be easier, and you’ll avoid accidental damage when opening vehicle doors.

A single carport measures between 12 – 18 feet in width and 20 feet in length. A carport for 2 vehicles should be around 22-24 feet in width. A 3-car carport should measure 30 – 36 feet in width. Alternatively, you could choose a carport of around 24-28 feet in width but with a longer length.

• Closed or Open Carport Designs

Both designs offer their own benefits. A closed sides carport gives more protection from the elements. As more materials are used in their construction, they’re much stronger than an open carport.

Also, closed carports can look more attractive depending on the sides you choose. On the other hand, an open carport may be more affordable and can be quicker to install on your property.

• Choose Your Colors

Aluminum-colored carports are a thing of the past. Today’s modern metal carports come in lots of different colors. You can choose different shades for your sides, trim, and roof. This allows you to create a truly customized structure.

• How Will You Store Your RV?

If you have an RV and want to store it in a carport, you need to consider how to store it. An RV carport is, of course, much longer and higher than a regular model.

Design Your Carport with a 3D Designer

One of the best ways to visualize your dream carport is to use a 3D metal carport designer. Using 3D designers takes much of the guesswork out of your planning process. It’s easy to explore a range of options to see instantly what the finished result will be like. You can try out several different looks without taking any risks.

When you use a handy 3D designer tool, you can check a range of different features to customize your design. For example, you can try out different sizes to see which suits you best. You can also experiment with different colors and roof styles. You can even try out different types of doors and windows. You can easily see which combination of features works best to suit your needs.

Choose AA Metal Buildings for Your Metal Carport this Spring

If you’re ready to build your metal carport this spring, it’s time to choose your ideal model. There’s no better place to go than AA Metal Buildings. Metal carports from AA Metal Buildings are of the highest quality and are fully customizable.

You can easily design your perfect carport to suit your precise requirements. AA Metal Buildings also offers outstanding customer service, so you can be confident you’ll be entirely satisfied with your purchase. Even better, AA Metal Buildings offers a range of handy financing options, including Rent-to-Own. That makes it easier than ever to buy the carport that you need for your property.

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