Garage Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know


Over the past few years, custom metal garages have revolutionized the residential landscape, thanks to significant advancements in steel engineering. These structures, renowned for their strength, durability, and affordability, are now available in a diverse range of configurations, capable of accommodating a myriad of applications.

For those considering these versatile buildings, an in-depth understanding of the design and installation process is crucial. This knowledge not only allows for customization to meet specific needs but also provides clarity on the overall cost involved in metal building construction.

If you’re contemplating a steel garage building, this blog is an indispensable resource. We delve into vital aspects such as design considerations, sizing options, and how to select the best metal garage provider. Stay with us for a comprehensive guide that will assist you in acquiring the ideal metal garage for your upcoming project.

Custom Garage Design Considerations

Embarking on the design process for a metal garage can initially seem daunting. However, a systematic approach can simplify this process. Here are the key factors to consider:

  1. Budget: Establishing a realistic budget is the first step. With the variety of options available in custom metal garages, understanding your financial limits is essential for making informed decisions about size, features, and finishes.
  2. Land and Local Weather: Consider the geographical location of your build. Assess the land, considering soil, drainage, and utilities. Local weather patterns also play a crucial role, influencing decisions on framing thickness, roofing styles, and insulation.
  3. Building Size: The size of your metal garage is critical. Reflect on your storage needs, intended use, and future plans to determine the appropriate size.
  4. Placement: The garage’s location on your property is important. Consider accessibility, proximity to your home, and overall property layout to enhance convenience and aesthetics.
  5. Understanding the Legalities: Familiarize yourself with local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance with zoning laws and other guidelines.
  6. Framing Thickness: Choose the right framing thickness based on environmental conditions to ensure structural integrity.
  7. Roofing Styles: Select a roofing style that meets both functional needs and aesthetic preferences. Options range from regular to vertical roofing styles.
  8. Certifications: Verify that your metal garage meets industry standards and certifications, ensuring it can withstand local environmental conditions.
  9. Customizations: Personalize your garage with options like windows, doors, and color schemes to meet your aesthetic and practical requirements.
  10. Ventilation: Incorporate features to ensure proper airflow and prevent condensation.
  11. Insulation: If the garage will serve purposes beyond vehicle storage, consider adequate insulation for climate control and comfort.

Understanding Different Garage Sizes

The variety of sizes and customization options is a key factor in the popularity of metal garages. Here’s a look at different types and their size ranges:

  1. One-Car Garages: Ideal for single-vehicle owners or small workshops, these typically range from 12×20 feet to 16×24 feet.
  2. Two-Car Garages: Great for multiple vehicles or a combination of storage and workspace, usually measuring 20×20 feet to 24×30 feet.
  3. Three-Car Garage: Best for larger families or diverse storage needs, these range from 30×20 feet to 40×40 feet.

Regardless of the size you choose, these robust structures are equipped to handle a variety of tasks, enhancing your organization and storage capabilities.

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