Are Certified Metal Carports Worth the Investment?

Are Certified Metal Carports Worth the Investment?

Let’s be honest. There are many metal carports for sale out there. But not all of them share the same engineering, strength, or capabilities. And they certainly won’t be in the same class regarding craftsmanship.

Therefore, many savvy customers choose certified metal carports to protect their vehicles from the elements. Certification is a standardized process that ensures a building can withstand wind, snow, and seismic forces. But not all metal carports, garages, and steel buildings are certified.

But are certified metal carports worth the investment? On average, certified buildings are more expensive than their non-certified competition, but does this feature justify the added expense? Below, we’ll dive into the certification process and compare these two structure types to determine where your money is best spent.

Certified Steel Carports

Although it’s fair to say that metal buildings such as carports, RV covers, and garages are one of the most popular construction options available, they’re not all created equally. Certification is an added security step that ensures your building is up to handle the weather and environment where you live. In many states, this certification is required if you’re hoping to secure a permanent building permit from local authorities.

Non-Certified Metal Carports

As you can probably tell, non-certified metal carports have not undergone certification. In many cases, these buildings are cheaper than certified structures. But while these buildings often carry a more affordable price tag, they’re often incapable of handling their environment. High winds can decimate non-certified carports, and moisture can penetrate their inferior protective coatings, leading to oxidation and rust damage.

Not only are these buildings more prone to collapse or blow away when met with external forces like wind or snow, but they’ll also destroy anything you have stored inside.


Comparing Certified and Non-Certified Carports

For prospective buyers, the best way to get to the bottom of the better choice between certified and non-certified is to compare the two. For example, you’ll find that certified structures are rated to handle certain windspeeds and snow loads and meet or exceed safety standards for a particular region. Non-certified metal carports provide no guarantees on any of these capabilities.

As one can see, if you’re looking for a permanent structure to protect your vehicles and valuables, seeking a certified option may cost more in the short term but could save you tons in terms of damages and repairs down the line. Certified buildings have the benefits of:

1. Safety

Since certified metal carports are tested against the average weather conditions in your area, they’re far more capable of handling these climates than non-certified ones. If you want your building to stick out for the long haul against Mother Nature, choose a certified building.

2. Codes

In many localities, building inspectors will not issue permits for non-certified structures due to safety concerns.

3. Long-term Investment Potential

Certified metal carports are built using galvanized steel and protective coatings, making them almost impenetrable to moisture infiltration. As such, they can last for decades with little need for maintenance. But with non-certified metal buildings, there are no promises that your frame will resist rust and no guarantee that your paneling will hold up against harsh forces like UV rays.

4. Engineering Plans

Are you expecting to get a copy of the engineering plans for your structure? If it’s certified, that information will be available to you by the manufacturer. But for non-certified carports, these important documents may not be available.

Are Certified Metal Carports Worth the Investment?

Now that we’ve covered many aspects that separate certified metal carports from non-certified versions, it’s time to decide if the certification process is worth it. And, from a financial standpoint, here is where they stack up.

If you’re looking for a quick solution to keep your cars, RVs, and boats out of the elements, a non-certified building might be right for you.

But if you’re hoping to find a permanent structure designed to handle the worst your region has to offer for decades with minimal maintenance needs, you’ll want to invest in a certified steel building. They may cost more initially, but they will far outclass the non-certified competition in playing for keeps.

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