Auto Repair: American As Henry Ford

Auto Repair

No town, small or large, is complete without an auto repair shop. They’re as central to the American experience as all-night diners, route 66, and legends of the frontier. Whether it’s a chain of shops or just your local neighborhood guy, you’re going to have to visit someone eventually.

According to the census, 93 percent of American households reported having at least one car last year. And like any appliance, they require maintenance. With so many cars out there, new auto repair shops have no lack of potential customers.

Striking While the Iron is Hot: Business Booming

There’s no question the auto industry has seen a recent rise in the number of repair shops. If you’re looking to get into the industry, there couldn’t be a better time.

Cars are being outfitted with more groundbreaking technology each year, such as GPS, computer-operated systems, rear cameras, and hybrid fuel sources. While they have indeed become more user-friendly, repairing said technology is much more complicated.

As a result, auto mechanics have had to learn to adapt quickly, and thankfully they’re up to the challenge. The auto repair worker should no longer be seen as a grease monkey; they’re highly-trained specialists working in around 170,000 general automotive repair shops across the U.S.

Metal Building Kits: The Right Way To Go

Anyone looking to start an auto repair shop is probably looking at some options on how to establish themselves. That’s why so many people have looked at metal building kits for spacious and damage-resistant repair shops.

Forego the hard work of building a garage from scratch; these steel building kits are pre-assembled at the factory and delivered on-site. The only thing you’re responsible for is installing the metal structure. But if you don’t have the time you can always hire someone for this job.

The Fastest Framing Around

Building your own repair shop from raw materials takes forever. There will always be unforeseen delays due to weather, time constraints, and things you may have overlooked. That’s already on top of the expected delays such as waiting for concrete to cure, or even simple things like measurements.

With a metal building kit, you’re sidestepping all those delays with a pre-fabricated structure that’s simple to set up. And with accessories like a steel framing package, all the design is already in place.

Guaranteed, Spacious Design

One of the concerns when considering a prefabricated metal building kit is an understandable one: “Is it going to be big enough to house what I need?”

Fortunately, there are no design limitations! You can customize these buildings to ensure an unobstructed, roomy interior perfect for any-sized automobile. The eaves on kits can reach as high as 42 feet, with some even topping that. What’s more, you can ensure that spacious, roomy design without compromising any other components you may need.

Having extra space available is becoming more and more important alongside the likely rise in electric car ownership over the next ten years. Having that spacious metal garage room will serve you well, as most electric cars require a seven-foot spacing perimeter.

Damage-Resistant For a Long, Durable Lifespan

It’s not controversial to say that steel is strong, particularly American-made. Steel has withstood earthquakes, hurricanes, and any number of nature’s often lethal forces.

Some steel buildings, according to the American Galvanizers Association, have been known to stay standing for more than 90 years without needing so much as a touch-up.

So naturally, a metal garage building kit provides the same kind of protection as the finest, longest-lasting buildings in the country.

Termites Need Not Apply

According to Terminix, termites caused a combined cost of up to $5 billion in the U.S each year. Also quite detrimental to both buildings and people, mold buildup can lead to serious health concerns.

But just as steel building kits protect against weather, you can rest assured they’re indifferent to either termites or mold, making two of the most costly potential repairs impossible.

A Touch of Class

Let’s be honest; auto repair shops are not usually known for being the most attractive neighborhood buildings. Dealing with the greasy and oil-slicked guts of a car, it’s only fair.

But that stigma is rapidly becoming a smaller issue. Not only are modern service technicians better trained, but many works with highly advanced tech. Prefab metal building kits offer a level of customization that can afford a bit of order and elegance.

Unbeatable Safety and Protection

In the 70s, producer Irwin Allen was famous for his disaster films, which often featured careless designers and builders who cut corners at significant risk. Well, metal building kits have made such concerns a thing of the past.

Not only are these buildings fire-resistant, but they also carry all the protections from extreme cold that quality steel affords.

Better Buildings at a Better Price

Outside of all the reasons above that a metal building kit might be ideal for you, one question probably still lingers in your head. And that has to do with price.

Fortunately, metal building kits have quickly grown a reputation as being the easiest to set up and the most affordable.

Build Your Shop Today!

Anyone looking to start their own auto repair business would be remiss not to take a look at metal building kits. With fast installation, customizable design, and the safest steel around, it’s the most cost-efficient way to get your business up and running quickly.

With our guaranteed low-prices and top-quality steel buildings on the market, AA Metal Buildings is ready to help you start now. Contact us today at +1 (877) 244-4470.