Building Permits and Your Metal Building: Everything You Need to Know

Building Permits

Metal buildings are extremely versatile structures that can facilitate uses of all kinds, whether they are agricultural, commercial, or residential. No matter what your particular needs are, a metal building can meet them. This impressive array of applications, coupled with the affordability of prefab metal buildings, makes them the go-to option for people all across the United States.

Some areas of the country do require that you acquire a permit before constructing your steel building. As such, it’s important to check with the proper authorities before purchasing and installing your metal building. Failing to do so could result in consequences and/or send you back to square one.

So, what are building permits, and what happens if you don’t obtain one? Read on to find out!

What is a Building Permit?

At its core, a building permit is a legal approval to install the structure you wish to construct. Without securing the necessary permit(s), your construction will be illegal and could lead to unfortunate consequences such as fines or the removal of your new building.

Remember, some areas require building permits, and others don’t. These permits can also vary from place to place, which is why it’s vital that you check with your local authorities on the necessity of a permit and what it entails.

What if You Don’t Get the Required Building Permit for Your Prefab Metal Building?

If you do not get the required building permit(s) for your steel building, you could face varying degrees of consequences, none of which are good. To give you insight into the potential consequences and help emphasize the necessity of securing permits before you begin construction, we’ve listed a few of the possible consequences below.

  • Fines – The first potential consequence is an obvious one that should be expected if you proceed with your construction project without procuring the proper permit(s). Fines are a pretty standard consequence of ignoring or not securing the necessary permits.
  • Stopped Construction – If you don’t have the required permits, your installation could be stopped in its tracks. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just laid the foundation or if you’re one final bolt away from completing the building, you could be forced to cease all work on the project.
  • Increased Fees – The fees associated with the building permits could increase dramatically if you don’t secure the permits ahead of time. In fact, you could end up paying three times the initial amount you would have had to pay beforehand.
  • Deconstruction – If you install your steel building without first securing the proper permit(s), you may be forced to tear it down, leaving you at square one. Worse, you will have spent time and money on the installation process, both of which have now been wasted. You could also face increased fees and fines.

Don’t Take the Risk – Obtain a Building Permit!

The good news is that it’s easy to avoid the potential consequences of building without a permit—simply obtain one! If you’re worried about the application process, you can rest easy, too. Obtaining a building permit for the installation of your metal building is not difficult. Check out some of the basics of securing a permit below.

  • Check with Local Authorities – The first step is always to check with local authorities to see what, if any, permits you need. They will be your best source of information.
  • Be Preemptive – Obtaining a permit is not a task to procrastinate. You want to give yourself some wiggle room just in case things don’t go perfectly according to plan. As such, you should be preemptive in checking on permits and beginning your application.
  • Apply – This step is easy—simply complete any necessary applications and pay any related fees on time!
  • Wait – For some, this may be the most difficult step. Once you’ve submitted your application, you have to wait for the approval. It’s important to be patient and delay scheduling any construction work until after you’ve received your permit.

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