Fire-Resistant Metal Shed to Protect Your Valuables

Fire-Resistant Metal Shed to Protect Your Valuables

In many parts of the US, wildfires are an all too common force of nature that causes millions of dollars a year in damages. Whether sparked by human hands or by natural occurrences, these fires are devastating for many residents. Fires destroy homes, critical agricultural crops, livestock, and pretty much anything unfortunate enough to cross its path. In fact, over 1.2 million acres of US woodland burn each year.

Forest fires can be catastrophic for homeowners, farmers, and agricultural workers. Protecting valuables, crops, equipment, and vehicles safe from this force of nature is an uphill battle. However, not all is lost! Due to their resistance to fires, steel buildings are quickly becoming the go-to solution for many farmers and property owners.

Let’s take a deeper look at how steel buildings and metal garages lead the way in fire protection!

Wooden Sheds: Safety Not Guaranteed

Sure, wooden buildings are strong enough to handle most mild climates. But how do they hold up against the elements? Not so well, it seems! Stick-built structures are naturally susceptible to water damage, decay, mold, mildew, and pests. And you already know how well they stand up against fire.

However, prefab metal buildings don’t have this problem. Instead, they’re engineered using galvanized steel, a process that makes them immune to moisture infiltration, rust, mold, pests, and even fires up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit!

Prefab Metal Storage Sheds Are the Smart Way to Protect Your Things from Fire

While no structure is truly fire-proof, steel buildings are far more capable of withstanding heat and flame than any other construction material. For example, 1,200 degrees is a higher temperature than the most ordinary house or forest fires achieve, ensuring that your building stands a much higher chance of surviving a catastrophic fire.

For this reason, many farmers and citizens turn to metal buildings to keep their most valued possessions safe. These structures are built with strength, durability, and safety in mind. In fact, they’re so much safer than similar-sized wooden options that insurance rates on steel buildings are often cheaper.

Agriculture building

The Many Benefits of Owning a Metal Shed for Your Home or Farm

There are so many advantages to metal buildings that we could go on for days about the litany of ways they can improve your life. But we don’t have that kind of time! So, we’ll narrow it down to just a few of our favorites!

1. Storage Space

Finding storage space is a challenge currently. In fact, it’s so tricky to find that a multi-million-dollar commercial self-storage industry has risen around the need. But metal buildings offer that storage space in spades without the expensive monthly rental fees.

2. Versatility

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a structure type more capable of handling a wide range of applications than one built from steel. These incredible structures are used for residential sheds, storage buildings, carports, metal garages, commercial storefronts, restaurants, factories, warehouses, and much more.

3. Safety

As we’ve mentioned, steel buildings are among the safest construction options available. Resistant to everything Mother Nature can conjure, metal structures are the go-to choice for many commercial and industrial purposes due to their unparalleled record for safety.

4. Corrosion and Moisture Resistance

Water damage and rust have been the end for many lumber-based structures. Rotting wood, rusting components, and general decay are elemental dangers that affect every stick-built building at some point. If left untreated, they can cause untold amounts of damage. Metal buildings simply don’t have this problem!

5. Durability

Since steel storage sheds last so long against the elements, you’ll spend far less time fixing or repairing them than other structure types. Simply keep the roof free of general debris, and your building will last for generations.

6. Cost-Efficiency

Another aspect that sets metal sheds, garages, and buildings apart from other construction options is their affordability. Steel buildings can be constructed at a fraction of the cost compared to other options. And with lumber prices soaring, this will continue to be the case for years to come.

7. Customizations

Steel structures are highly customizable, capable of having almost every aspect changed, altered, or updated to suit your needs. You can easily change the paneling, trim, doors, windows, roofing system, color schemes, and more!

8. Environmentally Responsible

Did you know that steel buildings carry a much smaller carbon footprint compared to lumber-built structures? And they’re 100% recyclable, too! So, when your building has reached the end of its natural lifespan, it can be melted down and used again and again without any detriment to its quality!

9. Expandability

Steel buildings are built for easy expansion, easily allowing you to add or change your structure to meet your growing needs!

AA Metal Buildings is Your Solution for All Types of Metal Sheds

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