Functional Tips to Keep Your Commercial Metal Building Looking Good for Decades to Come

commerical metal buildings

Commercial Metal Buildings

In most US states, it’s hard to look in a single direction without bearing witness to some form of metal building dotting the landscape. These structures have become an ingrained part of American culture, from residential sheds to enormous industrial-sized commercial metal buildings. In fact, over 80% of all new commercial construction projects are built using steel buildings!

And the commercial sector is one area that mainly benefits from using these structures. Business owners have come to expect strong, affordable, and reliable infrastructure, after all. These foundations are essential for any business hoping to operate smoothly.

Although metal buildings are one of the longest-lasting construction types, they require occasional maintenance to remain in working order. In most circumstances, you can expect them to last between 30 and 40 years. But with proper upkeep, this can be extended even longer.

So, if you’re in the market to purchase commercial buildings and want to know more about commercial metal building maintenance, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll dive deeper into these structures and give valuable tips on how to keep them looking their best.

Functional Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Building Looking Good

While at first glance, it may seem like keeping your metal building in good working order is pretty simple. And it’s designed to be! However, there are several ways to maintain and repair your commercial steel structure that might not immediately meet the eye.

1. Choose a Vertical Roofing System

Vertical roofs are a fantastic choice that will save you tons of money and headaches over the years. This comes down to their clever engineering. Unlike horizontal roofing panels that can trap debris on your roof, vertical roofing systems allow snow, rain, and any form of debris to slide harmlessly away. If left unattended, this debris can encourage rust damage and cost you tremendously.

2. Keep an Eye Out for Rust Damage

Your roof is not the only part of your structure that can be damaged by rust! Although a metal building’s components are made with galvanized steel that gives them resistance to moisture damage and rust, extended exposure can still cause rust to form. Therefore, you’ll want to give your building a once-over every few months to ensure no signs of rust. This includes the roof, where wet leaf fall can cause immense damage if left unattended.

3. Ventilation Is a Must

Keeping your commercial metal building well-ventilated is necessary for reducing the buildup of moisture. Condensation and moisture buildup are incredibly dangerous for a metal building’s lifespan.

4. Keep It Clean

One of the most underappreciated methods of extending the life of your commercial building will be to simply keep it clean. By pressure washing your structure every few months, you’ll remove dirt and grime that can trap moisture and promote oxidation.

5. Consult Experts for Modifications

If you ever need to expand your structure, it’s always a good rule of thumb to involve building experts. Luckily, metal buildings are designed for easy expansion, but you’ll want to have knowledgeable building manufacturers that can help you streamline the process.

6. Check Joints and Hinges

Regularly checking the hinges and joints of your building is an excellent way to prevent rust from forming. Over time, these joints can retain moisture and lead to oxidation if left untreated.

7. Repaint Your Structure When Necessary

While paint schemes are designed to last for years with minimal need for repair, it’s never a bad idea to consider giving your structure a repaint every few years. This can prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating your paneling over time and damaging your structure.

8. Consider Insulation

Adding insulation to your structure reduces overall moisture and keeps your building at an even ambient temperature. By combining well-installed insulation with the right HVAC system, you’ll save tons of money in energy expenses.

9. Keep Your Building and Surround Area Clean

Tree limbs, leaves, trash, and more can deteriorate your structure if left alone long enough. Maintaining your building and its surroundings can add years to a building’s lifespan.

10. Fix Repairs Promptly

If you encounter any damage or issues with your metal structure that requires attention, it’s better to handle them sooner than later. If not fixed promptly, these smaller issues can quickly grow to be enormously expensive ones.


Regular Maintenance Is a Must, But When?

As we’ve mentioned, keeping your building clean and well-maintained is imperative if you hope for it to last. But what does that look like, exactly? How often does one need to clean their structure? Well, let’s dive in and find out!

1. Seasonal Inspection

A good rule to determine how often you’ll need to perform a maintenance check on your building is at the change of each season. Not only will this ensure you’re aware of potential issues, but you’ll also be able to know when your previous inspection took place.

2. After Weather Events

If you live in a region that regularly sees violent weather patterns, you’ll want to give your building a quick inspection after any adverse weather. This will ensure that you’re always aware of any potential damage caused by storms.

3. Record Results

Keeping track of your results is also another way of making certain that seasonal inspections are continually being conducted.

Preventative Maintenance

As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And this could not be more true of metal buildings. By taking the time to inspect your commercial building and perform more minor maintenance duties, you’ll prevent a ton of major issues that can arise. From the roofing panels to framing, being vigilant about your structure’s health is the number one way to keep it lasting for decades.

Winter is a particularly trying time for your prefab metal building. As such, you’ll want to perform a special maintenance check before colder weather sets in. This will reduce any extra wear and tear on your building that can become worse if left unattended, even for a single season.

Looking for a Commercial Metal Building of Your Own? AA Metal Buildings Can Help!

No matter what type of custom metal building you have, keeping it well-maintained requires a bit of effort. But that effort is rewarded exponentially for metal structures since they’ll last for decades with simple repairs and upkeep. That’s why it’s critical to perform regular maintenance on your metal building to keep it free of damage and look as new as the day it was purchased.

And if you don’t own a metal building yet, that’s okay! AA Metal Buildings has a wide selection of metal buildings for residential, commercial, or industrial needs. We’ll be happy to help you design and customize a metal building that works for almost any application, and we offer some of the best commercial metal building prices on the market.

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