How a Two Car Carport Can Solve All Your Storage Needs

How a Two Car Carport Can Solve All Your Storage Needs

Are you running out of space around the house? Is your home cluttered with valuables, equipment, and other essential items? You’re not alone! Having ample storage space is an issue many people deal with regularly. But what’s the best way to reduce clutter around your home?

2 car carports is a fantastic solution that can provide you with the space you need to reduce the mess! Whether you’re storing valuable possessions such as mowers and lawn equipment or housing antiques and collectibles, a carport is a cost-effective way to ensure your things stay safe no matter what Mother Nature comes up with.

Reasons to Invest in Two Car Carports

1. Space Management

We’re not all blessed with an endless amount of storage room. But with a two car carport, you can take back some much-needed free space! These buildings offer plenty of internal space so that you can prevent clutter.

2. Convenient Installation

Unlike wooden alternatives, steel buildings are highly efficient construction projects. Made with carefully engineered pieces, these structures fit together like jigsaw pieces, allowing metal carports and other structures to be built in a fraction of the time compared to stick-built alternatives.

3. Incredible Durability

Steel has a fascinating capability to bend slightly when placed under external pressure. This flexibility allows steel structures to withstand forces that could level brittle wooden buildings. Due to this strength, many people trust metal structures in regions that regularly experience extreme weather.

4. Storage Space for Vehicles

If your family is growing or you own more than one vehicle, you might need a larger two car carport. These buildings offer the extra room you need to ensure your cars and trucks are protected no matter the weather outside.

5. Better Protection

Metal structures offer a higher class of protection compared to other construction methods. These buildings are engineered using the same steel trusted for bridges, skyscrapers, and other infrastructure we rely upon every day.

6. Multi-Purpose

One thing that sets metal buildings apart is their versatility. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an application or task that a metal structure can’t handle.

7. Natural Resistances

Galvanized steel is naturally resistant to moisture infiltration, mold, mildew, pests, and even fires up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Good luck finding a wooden structure that’s capable of withstanding such temperatures!

8. Minimal Maintenance Needs

Thanks to durable materials and natural resistances, your structure will require minimal repairs and maintenance throughout its life. This will save you money each time; you won’t have to call a repairman or shell out money for a new roofing system.


The Width of a Two Car Carport

When purchasing a new carport, finding the right sized structure for the job is vital. If you have two vehicles to protect, you’ll need a structure that’s, at a minimum, 20 feet wide. This minimum will ensure you have plenty of additional room for opening doors and moving around comfortably.

If you need additional space, there is a wide assortment of building sizes available! Most metal building providers, like AA Metal Buildings, have a massive selection of different carport sizes so that, no matter your size needs, you’ll have a structure that’s perfect for you.

Two Car Metal Carport Prices

Metal carports are complex structures with tons of customization options. Due to this fact, the price for a two car carport can vary depending on a number of circumstances. These factors include:

1. The Price of Raw Steel

Raw steel is a valuable commodity that can vary in price based on demand, shipping costs, and logistical issues.

2. Customizations

Carports can be extensively customized to suit any need. However, these customizations can require additional components and manpower, which will influence the cost of your structure.

3. Reinforcements

Most structures are built using 14-gauge steel framing and 29-gauge paneling as an industry standard. However, if you live in regions that experience high winds or expect your structure to undergo heavy-duty activity, you’ll need to upgrade to thicker steel. This thicker steel does increase your building’s final price.

4. Manufacturer’s Prices

There are a ton of metal building manufacturers out there. Depending on where you live, the price for your structure can vary based on your chosen manufacturer’s costs.

5. Installation

If you live in an area that is difficult to reach, installation crews might have to use additional resources and manpower to complete the job. Due to this, additional fees may be included in your building’s final cost.

Customize Your New Two Car Carport with AA Metal Buildings

One of the best features of prefab carports and metal buildings are their customizability. You’ll have free reign to change or adjust almost every aspect of your structure, from the paneling down to the colors, windows, and accessories. This gives you the power to adapt your structure for almost any purpose or application.

No matter where you call home, you can bet that AA Metal Buildings has you and your things covered with a comprehensive lineup of carports, metal buildings, 2-car carport kits, and more! These durable structures are highly customizable and can be transformed to fit your exact needs. Whether you’re looking for a small equipment shed or a large, multi-car carport, we have the resources, tools, and experience to deliver!

Here at AA Metal Buildings, we believe everyone should be able to own their very own two car carport! That’s why we have the best financing options in the industry, and if financing isn’t your thing, we also offer an excellent rent-to-own program so that everyone can afford a structure that works for them!

So, if you’ve been thinking about that two car carport to protect your family vehicles or possessions, you’ve come to the right place. So call us at +1 (877) 244-4470 and let our dedicated building experts help you design, customize, and realize the dream carport you’ve been waiting for!