How Much Does a 40×60 Metal Building Cost?

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40×60 Metal Building Cost

A 40×60 metal building with a vertical roof will cost you around $55,055 to $60,000 and can vary depending on the size, style, and customizations you choose.

This 40×60 metal building is an incredibly popular choice for folks that need to protect their vehicles, equipment, or valuables from the elements. They’re strong, durable, and offer 2,400 feet of internal square footage. And with a virtually endless array of customization options, they can be used for almost any purpose.

With prefab metal buildings being engineered from many different components, their prices can vary. They can change based on materials, customizations, steel prices, and dozens of other factors. But, despite minor fluctuations in price, steel buildings remain some of the most affordable construction methods available.

Below, we’ll discuss these incredible buildings, how they can be used, and how much you can expect to pay for yours!

Critical Factors to Keep in Mind When Considering a 40×60 Metal Building Price

Let’s face it. There are many different metal building providers out there, and not all of them deliver the same quality products. And they certainly won’t offer the same prices! That’s why it’s vital to take your time and perform the necessary research to get the best and most affordable metal building for your needs. Here are some things to consider:

1. Location

A suitable way to begin your metal building journey is to choose a suitable location. You’ll want to pick an area that rests above any natural water runoff, ensure that it’s properly graded and cleared, and create easy access for you to come and go.

2. Foundation Type

Your foundation type will depend entirely on your specific needs and budget. For example, you’ll have the choice between a soil foundation, an asphalt or ‘driveway’ foundation, or a more expensive concrete slab.

3. Customization Options

You’ll have a wide range of customization options available to you. From the paneling type to roofing styles and numerous color and trim options, you’ll be free to make your structure truly your own. However, these customization options do require additional components and will increase the overall price of your metal building.

4. Certified vs. Non-Certified

The certification system ensures that a building can withstand the wind, snow, and seismic forces in a given region. Some metal building providers offer non-certified structures at more affordable prices. However, these buildings aren’t tested against the elements, making them a riskier purchase. Additionally, many localities will require your installation to be fully certified before issuing permanent building permits.

5. Color Options

With an extensive selection of colors, you’ll be able to tailor a metal building to your specific aesthetic desires. You can even coordinate the colors of your roofing and trim for sleek designs that are sure to make your building the talk of the neighborhood. However, these color choices will have an impact on the final price for your metal building.

6. Roofing Style

You’ll want to choose a roofing style that works well for the region in which you live.
These options can vary in terms of price and capabilities and include:

• Regular Roofs

A regular roof is your standard carport roof with rounded corners and horizontal paneling. It’s designed to handle mild climates that see minimal high wind events and snowfall totals.

• A-Frame Roofs

A mid-tier option that’s a bit more expensive than regular roofs, A-frames look more like the roof you’d find on a traditional home. It features overhanging awnings and horizontal panels and is designed to handle high winds but minimal rainfall.

• Vertical Roofs

The most expensive selection, vertical roofs take the best aspects of an A-frame design and combine them with vertical paneling. In addition to being stronger than other options, this design keeps your roof in good condition by allowing snow, leaf fall, and general debris to fall harmlessly away from the structure.

7. Framing

Framing makes up the skeleton of a prefab metal building. In most residential structures, 14-gauge framing is used as a standard. But if you live in a region that experiences severe weather regularly, you may want to upgrade to thicker 12-gauge options. This will increase the price of your structure but will significantly increase its overall strength.

8. Choose the Right Building Provider

Finding a trusted metal building provider is one of the most crucial aspects of choosing a building at the right price. Sure, you may save money in the short term by choosing a non-certified structure from a less-than-reputable dealer, but that may be far more costly than the initial investment. Therefore, even if you have to pay a bit more, you’ll want to pick a provider that can truly deliver.

Different Applications for 40×60 Metal Buildings

With more interior space than many homes, a 40×60 building can be used in various ways. These dynamic structures can do everything from residential to commercial establishments. Let’s take a look at just a few ways these buildings are utilized each day.

1. Agricultural Building

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a modern farm that doesn’t utilize some form of metal building. This is due to their sheer strength and natural resistance to rust, mold, and pests. And a 40×60 metal building is the perfect size for horse stables, livestock shelters, and feed storage.

2. Retail Structure

40×60 metal buildings are an excellent choice for commercial establishments such as storefronts and restaurants. They provide the room and functionality for housing and displaying inventory, kitchens and bathroom areas, and more.

3. Storage Building

Everyone needs a place to store their things. Whether it’s family heirlooms or the new lawnmower, having proper protection is a great way to extend the life of your most essential things.

4. Garage

If you want to keep your vehicles in tip-top shape no matter the time of year, a metal garage is a way to get it done. These structures are highly adaptable and provide the room you need to work on your cars or lawn equipment, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

5. Mixed-Use Structure

Believe it or not, these buildings are much more than simple storage sheds. In fact, they can be fully finished with drywall, insulation, plumbing, and electricity to make excellent office spaces or guest houses.

Why 40×60 Metal Buildings Are a Wise Investment

By this point, it shouldn’t be hard to see the many ways that a 40×60 metal building can improve your life without breaking the bank. But let’s speak directly about the ways it can prove to be a wise investment.

1. Multi-Functionality

No matter the job, you can bet that a metal building will be up to the task. These flexible buildings can fit any needs, from workshops to office spaces and man caves.

2. Long-Term Usage

Since these buildings are forged using galvanized steel, they’ll last for decades if properly maintained. So, if you want a building that’s in it for the long haul, a custom metal building is your number one choice.

3. Budget Friendly

With lumber prices constantly on the rise, steel buildings have become one of the most cost-effective construction methods on the market. They’re perfect for those working on a budget and can easily be financed to make owning one easy and hassle-free.

4. Increases Property Value

Certified and permitted buildings are typically included on property appraisals, effectively increasing the value of your real estate.

5. Maintenance

Unlike wooden structures prone to decay over time, metal buildings can go for years with minimal need for upkeep and maintenance. Simply inspect them once every season and after storms, keep them clean, and you’ll be able to enjoy decades of service.

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