Metal Building Screws – The Unsung Hero of Metal Buildings


The popularity of metal buildings in the United States has grown substantially in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. As the demand for these versatile structures continues to expand, DIY metal building kits are also becoming more popular.

These comprehensive prefab metal structures provide endless possibilities in terms of design and use, while also providing immense strength and weather resistance. In order for their full potential to be realized, they must be installed correctly. Proper installation also ensures steel buildings meet local building codes.

When it comes to correctly installing metal buildings, the details matter. One of the most important pieces of any prefab steel building is high-quality metal building screws.

The Dos and Don’ts of Metal Building Screws

A custom metal building is only as good as the sum of its parts. This means that the screws used and how they are used matters a lot! With that in mind, it’s important to know the dos and don’ts of metal building screws.

The most vital decision you’ll make regarding metal building screws is selecting the right type for your particular purpose. For example, choosing screws that prevent moisture from entering will protect the interior of your building and prevent rust. Once you choose the right screws for the application at hand, you need to make sure you install them correctly!

Choose the Right Screws

Selecting the right type of metal building screws may sound easy, but it can become a bit confusing. After all, different applications require different screws. This may mean that the screws used for the roof differ from those used for the walls, and so on. As such, it’s important to consider the following when choosing steel building screws.

  • Aesthetics – Do the appearance of the metal building screws you use matter? To some, the aesthetics matter quite a bit! For those using their steel building as a home, church, or other building that requires some positive curb appeal, choosing screws with a pleasing finish can help the entire structure look nicer.
  • Corrosion – Rust is a metal building’s kryptonite, and the fasteners you use could be the one thing preventing that corrosion from weakening your structure. Choosing the proper metal building screws to avoid corrosion and prevent any sort of moisture infiltration is key. Look for stainless steel or zinc-coated screws.
  • Substrate – Depending on what material the substrate is made of—most commonly, concrete, metal, of wood—different types of metal building screws will perform better or worse than others.
  • Uplift Requirements – These requirements refer to the lift a roof experiences in the presence of high winds. Different areas have different uplift requirements, so check with your local authorities and choose screws that will meet the requirements!

Installation Considerations

The primary concern when installing your metal building screws is the level of tightening. You want to drive the screw the perfect amount without over or under-tightening. Rather than relying on feel or a visual to confirm when a screw is properly driven, it is prudent to use a screw gun with two key features—depth-sensing and torque control. Certain types of substrates have different requirements in these regards, so be sure to research beforehand!

A few other pointers that can make your project go smoothly include using sealing washers, holding the drill perpendicularly, using proper fittings that are not worn, and not asserting too much pressure on the screw. If you follow these tips, you shouldn’t run into any issue while installing your metal building screws.

Top Quality from the Top Dealer

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