Prefabricated Metal Buildings What’s included, and what’s not?

Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Prefabricated metal buildings have been rapidly gaining popularity in the United States thanks to their cost-effectiveness, versatility, and numerous other benefits. No matter what your needs may be, investing in a metal building can help you see a positive return on investment quickly.

As with any meaningful purchase, it’s important to be aware of what is included with your prefab steel building and what isn’t in order to make an informed decision.

What’s Included?

Prefab steel structures include everything you need to be installed. To be more specific, they come with accessories, pre-engineered drawings, a warranty, and certifications depending on your customizations and specifications.

  • Accessories – Depending on the design of your prefab metal building, the accessories included will vary. Anchors, bracing, doors, framing elements, paint, wall and roof panels, and windows are all considered accessories. In other words, anything you need to put the finishing touches on your new steel building will come with it!
  • Pre-Engineered Drawings – The engineered drawings associated with your building will be included with it. These drawings are vital for many reasons, including ensuring proper installation, passing any local regulations that may require such drawings, and to facilitate any future changes.
  • Warranty – Your prefabricated metal building will include a warranty directly from AA Metal Buildings. This warranty covers workmanship for one year, chipping and cracking for ten years, and rust for twenty years, giving you the peace-of-mind to purchase and use a versatile steel building with confidence.
  • Certifications – If your area requires certain building certifications, AA Metal Buildings can ship your building with those necessary certifications already met and documented. Your building will arrive ready to be installed!
  • Delivery and Installation – Speaking of installation, your custom steel building from AA Metal Buildings include delivery and installation, taking the pressure off of you. The value of these services cannot be understated, especially when you consider our industry-best lead times.

What’s Not Included?

While your prefab steel building from AA Metal Buildings included essentially everything you need to put it to use quickly, it doesn’t come with the land, site preparation, building permits, or labor (if you purchase a prefab metal building kit).

  • The Land – AA Metal Buildings offer comprehensive prefab steel building kits that include pretty much everything you need to install and put your building to immediate use. Unfortunately, AA Metal Buildings is not in the habit of including land to put your fantastic new building on—you’ll have to provide that yourself!
  • Site Preparation – Whatever land you plan to install your steel building on must be prepared before delivery and installation can take place. This site preparation is your responsibility, but good news—it’s quite straightforward. Check with AA Metal Buildings for specific instructions!
  • Building Permits – You will have to secure whatever building permits are required by your local authorities, so be sure to check with them before purchase, delivery, and installation of your new prefab metal building.
  • Labor – While delivery and installation are included with your steel building purchase, you may wish to opt for a prefab metal building kit. In this case, labor is not included, as you are assuming that responsibility. Taking the DIY route can save you a little money but will not include labor!

Everything You Need from AA Metal Buildings

AA Metal Buildings prioritizes the customer (you!) in every way possible. The thoughtfulness and thoroughness that goes into what is included in your purchase is an example of those priorities.

To experience the tremendous advantages of buying from AA Metal Buildings, call us today on +1 (877) 244-4470. An experienced professional will answer any questions you have, get you a customized quote, and help you order the perfect building for your needs.