The Best Metal Buildings in Georgia

The Best Metal Buildings in Georgia

Georgia: The Peach State

Georgia’s Old South historical image is quickly giving way to a modern economy. It’s 17% population growth has exceeded its sister state, Florida! The Peach State gets its name from its fruit-growing heritage. Georgia agribusiness accounts for $72 billion annually and employs approximately 8% of the workforce.

But Georgia is home to other growing industries, too. Automotive and energy are major players in the economy here. A surprising top-five industry is a film, which contributes over $5 billion annually in projects across the state. Of course, Georgia is also a tourist destination, from Atlanta to Savannah, and visitors pour over $50 billion into the state every year. These industries offer a wealth of opportunities to residents and investors.

With so much to take advantage of, it’s important for property owners to invest in long-term facilities that can handle the Georgia weather. Metal buildings are excellent solutions for storage facilities, agriculture, and commercial purposes. Thanks to their multifunctional and resilient properties, they’re a popular purchase in Georgia.

Georgia Metal Buildings: A Sweet Deal

Georgia is a national producer of many products: pecans, peaches, peanuts, and more! Without that incredible economic progress in Georgia, many well-known staples of American life would not be possible. However, there is another product that is essential to the smooth operations of the state: metal buildings!

• GA Clear Span Metal Buildings

There is no architecture more flexible than the clear span engineering of a metal truss system. Thanks to this brilliant design, no interior pillars or load-bearing walls are necessary. This allows the building’s floor to be as open as necessary for the maneuvering of trucks, deliveries, large machinery, and more!

• GA Commercial Metal Building

Don’t waste your time surveying drafty old buildings, searching for something to fit your newest enterprise. Metal buildings are built quickly, efficiently, and affordably, with custom options to suit your business needs.

• GA Workshop Metal Buildings

Safety comes first in your workshop! You need the fire-resistant, mold-resistant, pest-resistant interior provided by a steel building. Our buildings are built with steel rated Type 1 by the International Building Code, with safety ratings and warranties that will keep your insurance premiums low!

• GA Metal Carports

Keep your valuable vehicles in peak condition with the durable coverage of a steel carport. Hail, ice, and storm debris are no match for the cold-formed metal in every frame from AA Metal Buildings. Our carports are certified for extreme weather and customized to fit your belongings. No matter how many ATVs, trucks, or RVs you own, we’ve got you covered – literally!

• GA Metal Garages

Secure your possessions against hurricanes, ice, and thieves with the tough galvanized panels of a fully enclosed AA Metal Buildings garage. Our fully customized garages will give you the extended storage you need to move with ease around your vehicles while leaving plenty of space for your tools, the bikes, the sports equipment, and other miscellaneous storage.

• GA Metal Barns

Georgia agriculture is ripe with opportunities for everyone. Whether you store peaches or raise poultry, it’s essential to have a safe, clean environment for your investment. Steel buildings are naturally pest-free and expertly sealed for energy efficiency.

• GA Utility Buildings

Never pay for shingle repair, wood rot repair, or pest treatments again! When you invest in a metal utility building, you’ll enjoy decades of low maintenance. Your new metal building will look brand new with the simple cleaning of soap and water!

• GA Combo Buildings

Your metal building doesn’t have to serve a single purpose. With flexible interior clear span space, you can have a workshop and a guest suite, or a garage and a home gym! Combine your needs under one roof with the design assistance of our building specialists.

• GA Metal Sheds

Are you weary of tripping over lawn equipment in your garage? Do you need extended storage for your crafts and household stuff? Your treasured belongings don’t belong in a moldering wooden shed with pests and mildew. You need the security of a mold-resistant, pest-resistant steel shed!

• GA Storage Buildings

Keep your hobbies, collections, passion projects, and mementos safe! Georgia metal buildings are the best way to preserve your valuables for decades. Experts forecast that steel frames will last for fifty years or more, far outlasting wood or brick. AA Metal Buildings backs every model with our confidence warranties, so you can face the future with confidence!

Our Popular Metal Building Sizes in Georgia

1. 30×10

You deserve the best in coverage at an affordable price! Keep your vehicles safe from storms and debris with the cold-formed steel of a certified AA Metal Buildings carport! Our specialists will ensure that your custom carport is the building you need at a price you’ll love.

2. 24×40

Get over 900 square feet of space with the clear span engineering of AA Metal Buildings experts. Your metal building can be customized with extra entries for commercial access or additional windows for natural lighting.

3. 12×30

AA Metal Buildings engineers every Georgia metal building with the highest quality cold-formed steel and backs our products with standard warranties. When you purchase a metal building, you can customize the entire product. Choose the height to accommodate an RV or color for the HOA.

4. 18×25

Your new metal building will be expertly certified to withstand extreme weather; AA Metal Buildings provides steel-reinforced roofs that handle snow loads up to 35psf and wind speeds up to 140mph. Whether your location faces hurricanes, thunderstorms, or ice storms, you can rest assured that your new metal building can handle it.

5. 24×30

When you go big with a Georgia metal building, you get the space to flexibly accommodate your family fleet of vehicles, industrial-sized machinery, a new business, and more! Partner with AA Metal Buildings and discover how a team of building specialists and our custom inventory will create the building you need.

Get Your Georgia Metal Building Now!

AA Metal Buildings delivers the strongest metal buildings to Georgia! Our building specialists bring decades of experience to every custom project so that you can have confidence in your project. More importantly, our team offers the best financing and rent-to-own options available anywhere in the metal buildings industry! When you partner with AA Metal Buildings, you’re the architect of your own metal building and the VIP of your custom project. Our customer service team is devoted to your ultimate satisfaction.

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