The Practical Uses of 60’ Wide Metal Buildings in Florida

The Practical Uses of 60’ Wide Metal Buildings in Florida

Florida is home to gorgeous beaches, fabled amusement parks, and a diverse economy. But did you know that it’s also home to an impressive love of metal buildings? From residential uses to commercial and industrial facilities, metal buildings now dot the Floridian landscape. But what is it about these structures that make them so popular?

Florida is the third-largest state in terms of population and is known for hosting the fourth-largest economy in the US. It’s so large, in fact, that its yearly contribution to the GDP is larger than most countries in the world. From agriculture to aviation and aerospace, countless businesses throughout the state have come to rely on metal buildings to keep their infrastructure sound. These structures are adaptable and capable of working just as well as a retail outlet or service station as a NASA airplane hangar. They’re also far more cost-effective than stick-built options, giving companies the power to design structures to meet their specific needs.

However, despite the pervasive use of metal structures in commercial settings, they’re just as widely touted for residential applications. Many Florida residents trust these sturdy structures for their garages, carports, RV covers, and even homes! Among the many available metal building styles, 60’ wide structures are some of the most popular options due to their sheer size and adaptability. So, let’s take a deeper dive into these resilient structures and find out more about why so many Floridians love them.

60’ Wide Metal Buildings

There’s a reason people choose to go with steel for larger-sized structures. Unlike wooden alternatives that face genuine structural concerns at specific scales, many metal buildings can be built at enormous sizes with minimal need for internal supports. Some structures, like those made using clear span technology, require none! These structures offer unparalleled open square footage, perfect for storing large vehicles, industrial equipment, or warehouse inventory.

Open square footage aside; these large metal buildings have the added benefit of being forged from galvanized steel. This process makes them immune to water damage, mold, mildew, pests, and even most fires. They’re also certified to withstand high Florida winds, making them especially useful during hurricane season.


Unique Ways to Use 60’ Metal Buildings for Businesses

Many Florida business owners have switched to metal structures for their companies, and a big part of this comes down to their flexibility. Few construction types are as adaptable as steel buildings. From retail stores to industrial warehouses, these buildings are a perfect fit. Don’t believe us? Take a look below at some exciting ways some businesses use their commercial metal buildings.

1. Agricultural Storage

Whether you’re protecting feed and grain for the winter or providing shelter for your animals during the warmer months, metal buildings are instrumental in agricultural settings. They make excellent equipment storage, barns, stables, and even farmhouses!

2. Retail Stores

Many stores require ample square footage for housing, arranging, and displaying merchandise. And metal buildings are one of the most effective ways of generating open square footage without breaking the bank. These structures are regularly used for outlets, restaurants, and storefronts due to their cost-effective design.

3. Warehouses

Abundant space is the name of the game, and only metal buildings are capable of providing it. Warehouses require this space for housing inventory, large equipment, and employees.

4. Workshops

Whether your work is a business or a well-organized hobby, it needs its own space. Metal buildings are the perfect choice in this regard, offering the strength and functionality required for woodworking, mechanical repair, and automotive maintenance.

5. Modern Homes

Metal buildings aren’t just backyard sheds anymore! In fact, these structures can be finished with electricity, plumbing, and all the comforts of home to make great living spaces. They work exceptionally well for homes, apartments, and guest houses!

6. Residential or Commercial Brewing

It doesn’t matter whether you’re brewing a personal batch or starting a new craft brewery; metal buildings are the go-to solution for any brewmaster. These structures offer room, versatility, and fire resistance – everything you need to make your own ale!

7. Entertainment Room

If you’ve been itching for an entertainment area or home movie theater, you’ll love what you can accomplish with a metal building. These buildings make fantastic entertainment rooms, man caves, she-sheds, and family game rooms.

8. Industrial Storage

Large metal buildings are a great solution for storing industrial-sized equipment or commodities that require tons of open space.

Florida’s Budget-Friendly Metal Building Solution

Whether you’re constructing a backyard equipment building or founding a new business, you can trust AA Metal Buildings to have you covered. Our structures are strong, engineered to last for years with minimal maintenance, and customized to fit your needs. In fact, almost every facet of a structure can be changed, reinforced, or updated!

At AA Metal Buildings, we operate under the belief that anyone can own a metal structure, regardless of their budget. And that’s why we offer the best financing and rent-to-own program in the business.

AA Metal Buildings is Florida’s Dedicated Metal Building Dealer

No matter where in the Sunshine State you call home, you’ll be able to enjoy a premium metal building or metal building kit from AA Metal Buildings. Our structures are engineered to last and can adapt to any application or job. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a backyard mowing shed or an enormous industrial compound; we have the skills to do it all!

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