Why Clear Span Buildings Are a Fantastic Choice for Steel Mills

Why Clear Span Buildings Are a Fantastic Choice for Steel Mills

The US Steel Industry

The American steel industry has been an inseparable part of our unique history. And though it’s had its ups and downs throughout the 20th century, it remains the backbone of our economy.

Presently, the US steel industry employs nearly 400,000 workers and generates about $29.6 billion in profits annually. This, however, is an extreme difference compared to the profits generated during the pandemic of 2020, where profits dove to only $2.6 billion, the lowest numbers in years.

And, despite these supply and demand cycles, the US steel industry persists. The need for strong, adaptable construction materials won’t dwindle anytime soon. However, many companies use clear span buildings for their mills and production facilities to make steel production a profitable business venture.

Below, we’ll dive deeper into these structures, how they work, and the ways they affect the US steel industry!

Unique Features of Clear Span Buildings

What is a clear span building, anyway? Well, it can be a complicated answer! Since these structures are used for projects that range in size from small metal garages to enormous production facilities, factories, and even professional sports stadiums, they can be many things! So, for now, we’ll just concentrate on what separates this building type from other steel structures.

Much like its namesake, clear span metal buildings are steel structures that are engineered in such a way that they don’t require the use of internal supports to remain structurally sound. This modern feature opens this building type up to a wide range of uses and applications. Let’s talk in detail about these building types and what they have to offer:

1. Extensive Interior Space

Few building types can be constructed at the same dimensions as clear span designs. And if they can be, they’ll surely need plenty of support columns. But by removing the need for these structural supports, clear span buildings can be designed for housing factories, production facilities, steel mills, airplane hangars, and just about anything you can think of.

2. Built to Last

Unlike wooden structures, clear span steel buildings are designed to last for years with minimal need for upkeep or repair. This makes them especially useful for businesses that don’t have the time to renovate their building space constantly.

3. Long-Term Cost Reduction

Not only are clear span metal buildings some of the most affordable construction types on the market, but they’ll also save you money repeatedly in terms of repair and maintenance costs.

4. Flexible Design

Since clear span buildings can be built in almost any configuration, they’re highly adaptable for virtually any business venture. You’ll see them used for indoor sports training facilities, horse riding arenas, gyms, manufacturing plants, agricultural buildings, and even stadiums! Good luck finding a building type as versatile as this!

5. Fire-Resistance

Steel buildings are naturally resistant to fires and temperatures upwards of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. This ability makes them a go-to solution for steel mills where fire safety is an everyday part of the job.

6. Elemental Resistances

Clear span buildings are designed using galvanized steel, making them highly resistant to moisture, rust, mildew, and pests! As a result, they’ll last for years with minimal need for upkeep. Simply keep them clean, and they’ll serve you for decades!


Why Choose a Clear Span Metal Building?

While there are many different reasons that clear span structures are the prime choice for almost any sizeable construction project, there are several reasons that they may be the right structure type for your particular needs. Let’s see what these incredible steel buildings have to offer:

1. Variety

There are numerous types of clear span structures, giving you a wide array of options to ensure you get the infrastructure you need.

2. Sustainable Construction

Steel is 100% recyclable, carrying with it a smaller carbon footprint than wood. This makes them more ecologically conscious than lumber construction and allows structures to be used repeatedly with no detriment to strength.

3. Expansion Capabilities

Another aspect that sets metal buildings apart from the competition is their ability to handle additions or expansions. Unlike wooden buildings, clear span buildings are designed for easy expansion should you require additional room.

4. Low Insurance Rates

Most insurers base their premiums on the relative risk of a particular structure type. And since steel buildings are far safer than wooden options when it comes to fire, storm, and seismic resistances, the rates on them tend to be more affordable.

5. Faster Construction Times

Since metal buildings are designed in a manufacturing facility, they arrive at the building site ready for construction. Much like a giant jigsaw puzzle, these components are quickly assembled, making them a far faster construction choice than wood, brick, or concrete.


Clear Span Building Cost: What You Need to Know

Although clear span structures are some of the most affordable construction types on the market, their cost can vary depending on a select range of circumstances. So, what influences a clear span building cost? This can include:

1. Manufacturing Location

Depending on where you purchase your steel structure, the price may vary depending on your local manufacturer’s costs. This can slightly influence the cost of your clear span metal building.

2. Steel Prices

The steel market fluctuates regularly based on supply, demand, world events, and even large storms that may disrupt the transportation of the product.

3. Customization Options

From the dimensions of your structure to the upgrades, reinforcements, and custom options, how you design your building will influence its final price tag.

4. Installation Location

While most providers either include installation with the cost of their structure or offer it for free, if you live in a region that is difficult to reach, you may be forced to pay additional installation fees for the manpower required to complete the project.

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