Why Delaware Residents Choose Prefab Metal Buildings

Why Delaware Residents Choose Prefab Metal Buildings

Delaware is a beautiful mid-Atlantic state known for its famous historical landmarks, a small but powerful industrial sector, and a position as the first state to ratify the US constitution. Being one of the original American colonies, Delaware played a massive part in founding the United States and was home to many important sites and attractions. But did you know it has always had roots made of steel?

In years past, the state was a notable purveyor of iron and steel products. They were famed for constructing ships, railway cars, buildings, and bridges using iron and steel. In fact, Delaware produced all the steel used in the Brooklyn Bridge! So, it’s no surprise that residents of “The First State” are quite comfortable building structures from the durable material.

5 Major Industries in Delaware that Rely on Metal Buildings

Prefab metal buildings have become an incredibly popular construction type in recent years. And Delaware’s industrial sector is no different! These business powerhouses rely on metal buildings for their versatility, strength, and cost-effective design. And to give you an idea of just how prolific they are, let’s dive deeper into some of this state’s industrial tentpoles.

1. Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an essential part of Delaware’s economy and is the state’s second-largest sector. From food processing plants to chemical production, these businesses use metal buildings to house their equipment and staff and store their inventory.

2. Mining

According to some estimates, the mining of aluminum, iron, and other important minerals contributes roughly a billion dollars to the state GDP each year. These businesses rely heavily on steel buildings for processing facilities and heavy equipment storage.

3. Tourism

Another critical part of Delaware’s economy, tourism employs roughly 45,000 residents and regularly contributes over $3 billion to the state’s economy. This industry uses metal buildings for various applications, from tourist centers to retail shopping outlets and everything in between.

4. Fish Cultivation

The fishing industry is alive and well in Delaware, with the state leading the way in fish production. With a progressive catch management system that ensures the longevity of the trade, the fishing industry brings in nearly $34 million annually. And these businesses all depend on metal buildings to get seafood from the ocean to the dinner table. Without specialized refrigerated metal buildings, these products would spoil long before they made it to market.

5. Agriculture

Another thriving industry, Delaware’s agriculture sector, has an estimated worth of $8 billion and accounts for over 500,000 acres of the state’s land. Field crops like corn, soy, and wheat are agricultural mainstays, generating nearly 20% of the entire sector’s income. And these farms simply wouldn’t be able to provide the same level of production without the help of custom metal buildings. These structures are regularly used to store grain, food supplies, crops, and livestock from the elements, making them a go-to solution for cost-effective infrastructure.

Advantages of Owning Steel Buildings in Delaware

It’s no surprise that prefab steel structures have become incredibly popular in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. These durable, adaptable structures can be built in a fraction of the time and cost compared to similar-sized alternatives. But let’s take a deeper dive into what makes these structures such a benefit to their owners.

1. Resistance to Wind and Snow

With Delaware being located in the mid-northeast, the state is no stranger to high winds and heavy snowstorms. And that’s why so many residents choose metal buildings to keep their equipment and important possessions protected against volatile weather. These structures can withstand intense winds and heavy snowfall while being adaptable enough to work for any purpose.

2. Fire Protection

Did you know that metal structures can withstand temperatures of nearly 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit? That’s hotter than most temperatures burn. And while no structure is genuinely fireproof, metal structures are far more effective at minimizing fire damage than wooden alternatives.

3. Earthquake Protection

While Delaware is at relatively low risk for earthquakes and seismic events, you can bet that metal buildings are ready to handle them if they do occur. These structures naturally flex and sway when faced with external forces, allowing them to take far more than other brittle construction types like wood or concrete.

4. Pest Resistances

Unlike wooden options, steel structures offer no natural bedding or food source. This makes it difficult for insects and rodents to set up shop in your metal building and keeps your structure free and clear of any creepy crawlies.

5. Versatility

Few building types are as versatile as steel structures. For example, prefab buildings can be customized to work in residential applications like sheds and garages, commercial storefronts and restaurants, and even industrial applications such as manufacturing facilities and warehouses. No matter the job, a metal building can handle it!


Prefab Steel Buildings are the Backbone of Delaware’s Industrial Sector

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