The Best Metal Garages in North Carolina

The Best Metal Garages in North Carolina

Get the Best Garages in NC

Are you ready to build your dream garage? North Carolina’s humid climate, stormy weather, and wet winters will encourage you to keep your valuable vehicles and belongings stored indoors. If you’re shopping for the perfect custom garage, you’ve come to the right place!

AA Metal Buildings builds the highest-quality steel garages in NC. More importantly, our custom options and affordable financing guarantee that every customer gets a building they need at a price they love! Our specialists have decades of experience in the metal buildings industry, so you’ll get a certified structure guaranteed to last for decades. Invest today in the fire-resistant, mold-resistant, pest-resistant quality of steel. There is no better garage than a metal garage from AA Metal Buildings!

Benefits of Garage Buildings in North Carolina  

A metal garage is one of the best and most cost-effective building investments you can make. They’re engineered to last a lifetime and withstand extreme weather conditions far better than traditional stick-built structures. Expertly certified to resist winds over 100mph and snow loads over 30psf, metal garages will last through the coming climate changes and keep your belongings secure.

How else does a metal garage benefit you? Metal garages are up to 50% more affordable than wood or brick buildings. Over the past few years, lumber has tripled in priced, while steel has remained a relatively stable global commodity. Steel garages are engineered and constructed in half the time of their wood competitors. In the modern labor market, this adds up to incredible savings!

Another benefit of metal garages are their modern custom options. The steel structures offered by AA Metal Buildings are custom created for each customer, from dimensions to color to decorative trim. When you partner with the experienced building specialists at AA Metal Buildings, you’ll be the architect of your dream garage!

Invest in a metal garage, and you’ll have a durable, beautiful, versatile building for decades!

Types of Metal Garages for Sale in NC

At AA Metal Buildings, we believe that every customer deserves individual care. No two clients will have the same needs, so no two buildings will be the same! When you partner with AA Metal Buildings, you don’t get a one-size-fits-all metal box. Our buildings specialists will custom create a garage to suit you!

1. NC Regular Roof Garages

This standard roof option, with curved edges, is recommended for mild and temperate weather zones. The regular roof is engineered without extra trim, ridge cap, or hat channel, so the price tag for this roof is the most affordable! The less high-quality steel needed for construction, the greater the savings that we can pass on to you, the satisfied customer! Our AA Metal Buildings experts certify high-grade steel panels for horizontal placement on this structure, which is why it is best in areas with light to moderate inclement weather.

2. NC A-Frame Roof Garages

The A-frame roof is also known as “boxed-eave”, and our experts recommend this mid-range option for locations that see moderate to severe weather. The A-frame roof is more affordable than the vertical option because it doesn’t require as much steel reinforcement. It is certified to withstand high winds, but the panels are installed horizontally, so it may allow some snow accumulation. Our experts at AA Metal Buildings do not recommend the A-frame for locations with intense yearly snow loads. Still, the A-frame is a popular choice for its stylish charm and affordability.

3. NC Vertical Roof Garages

The vertical roof garage by AA Metal Buildings is reinforced by cross braces, ridge caps, and a hat channel, which runs the length of your structure. This roof is the strongest roof in the AA Metal Buildings lineup, expertly rated to withstand 35 psf snow loads and high winds, up to 140 mph. Our experts recommend this roof for areas that see extreme weather annually. Our high-grade steel panels are installed vertically, which means that debris and precipitation will be guided to the ground. Maintenance will be a breeze!

4. NC RV Garages

Your RV is your home away from home, and it deserves the most secure coverage during the off season, while it awaits your next adventure! AA Metal Buildings engineers RV Garages with drive-thru convenience and extended storage, so you can feel confident that your RV is safe from pests, mildew, and storms. An RV is an expensive investment, and you’ll want to keep it in pristine condition year-round. Call today to learn how our building specialists can customize any garage to accommodate your RV!

5. NC One Car Garages

The standard single garage is 12’ wide, but AA Metal Buildings takes pride in offering custom options to every customer! If you need an affordable, single car option, we will deliver the best quality building in the industry. If you need space to shelter your prized compact car or roadster, we have the garage for you! Call one of our friendly representatives today and discover how the best customer service in the industry will meet your needs.

6. NC Two Car Garages

The NC two car garage by AA Metal Buildings has room for your family vehicles, your landscaping tools, your sports equipment, and all the household miscellaneous necessities. Your bikes, your mementos, and your growing collections are secure in our professionally engineered metal buildings. Every garage by AA Metal Buildings is expertly certified to withstand NC extreme weather. Call one of our experts today to find out how our garages are perfect for you!

7. NC Three Car Garages

Sometimes, bigger is better!  When you need a wide building to accommodate your fleet, a small garage just won’t work. You need space for maneuvering and storage. Keep your investment safe from inclement weather! Store the truck, the van, the camper, the ATVs, the tools, the lawn equipment, and more! You’ll have all the space you need with our beautiful three car garage. Our building specialists at AA Metal Buildings will provide you with every custom option to ensure you get the coverage you need.

8. NC Side Entry Garages

The side-entry garage is an incredibly convenient design for customers who wants access and maneuverability. Are you tired of tripping over boxes, toys, equipment, and miscellaneous storage? Do you hate struggling to exit the car? You need a better design, with better access! You need a side entry and exit! Invest in a side entry garage, where extra side space will allow you to move freely!

9. And More!


Custom-Built Garages in NC

It’s time to look beyond the box. You have the dream garage built in your imagination, and our designers will help you make it a reality! Is there a vaulted ceiling and extra garage doors? Perhaps, you want to add a patio and lean-to? The options are endless, and our professional customer service representatives can’t wait to assist you in creating the perfect garage.

First, choose the dimensions of your garage. Width, length, and height are yours to command. Ensure your building is large enough to accommodate vehicles, equipment, and more. AA Metal Buildings uses standard 14-gauge steel, but thicker 12-gauge is sturdier and available if you happen to live in an area with extreme weather. We offer gauge upgrades for frames, panels, and roofs.

Next, you choose from an array of custom doors and windows. You can get an additional lean-to for outdoor workspace or overhead garage doors for extra access.

Elevate your garage style with our custom decorative options! AA Metal Buildings offers J-trim for exposed panel edges. You can upgrade your aesthetic with gables on the front or back for greater reinforcement and a finished look.

Of course, everyone has a different color scheme in mind when it comes to their custom building. Personalize your new metal garage with one of our premium colors! Choose two-tone options, wainscoting, and veneer, if you prefer.

If you are concerned about local building codes, our experts have decades of experience in certifying metal buildings. Regardless of the regulations where you live, we will ensure that your custom metal building meets any requirements for wind and snow loads.

NC Metal Building Kits

Grab your tools, pick up your permit, and install your garage on your own time. Don’t wait around for a crew! Garage kits from AA Metal Buildings have everything you need, from panels to hardware. Have a professional lay your foundation, then put up the structure yourself!

What you’ll find in a kit:

  • frame
  • base rail
  • bolts
  • screws
  • galvanized panels
  • EVERYTHING you need to build your garage!

Why should you purchase a metal barn kit from AA Metal Buildings?

First, you’ll save money. Our garage kit prices are discounted, as they are pre-engineered and prefabricated.

Second, you’ll get your garage more quickly!  Lead times on kits are much shorter; in fact, the building you love might already be in stock!

Third, you can install the garage on your own time. Don’t stand around waiting for a crew to fit you into their busy schedule. You can have your garage completed as soon as you fit the final bolt into place.

And finally, you don’t need to worry about missing out on custom options. All our stylish options, such as gables, J-trim, and extra windows, will still be available to you if you buy a kit.

How Much Will a Metal Garage in North Carolina Cost

Metal garages in NC are much more affordable than wood or brick structures. However, the bottom-line price is influenced by a wide variety of factors. High quality steel is a commodity, and its price is affected global economics. AA Metal Buildings accurately prices its models to reflect the changing prices in the marketplace and gets the best possible deal for you.

Our building specialists provide accurate estimates based on real-time data so that they can offer the best financing options in the metal building industry! However, the price of a metal garage in NC can vary widely.

For example, a 12’x20’ regular roof garage base price will be approximately $3500. If a customer wants a premium J-trim, a change in base leg height, or an extra access door, that price will change significantly.

An 18’x25’ A-frame roof metal garage begins at $4600. The same roof, but at 24’x35’ would be estimated at $7900. Dimensions change the price considerably. Other custom options would impact the price, too.

The vertical roof garages are the most expensive, as they require the most steel reinforcement. A single 12’x20’ vertical garage begins around $3950, but a 24’x40’ begins at $9200. Dimension changes, custom options, and other considerations will impact the final cost of your metal garage in NC.

Call one of our building specialists today to get an accurate estimate regarding your custom metal garage!

Get the Best Metal Garages in North Carolina from AA Metal Buildings!

Pick up the phone and call AA Metal Buildings at +1 (877) 244-4470– you won’t get a better metal garage in NC from any other dealer! Our friendly building specialists are committed to your complete satisfaction. Read through our customer reviews and check out our social media. You will see that our clients believe AA Metal Buildings is the best in the business!

Your NC metal garage should be everything you need and more. Our accuracy, reliability, and affordability are only a few of the reasons to choose AA Metal Buildings over other distributors. Once you’ve fallen in love with our buildings, our warranties, our free delivery, and our devoted staff members, you won’t want to do business with anyone else!